Kaufman/Symphony-Hayes Tube Experiments

Last mod: 7/4/2006

Here's the tentative experiment list, with implementation notes. If it's in bold, it means we're doing it right now; if not, we're probably waiting for some opportunity or holding off while we do other experiments. Contact Hippocrates with any questions, or to volunteer.

  1. Test its normal operation--curing someone of Kaufman degeneration
  2. Have someone hold out against kaufman degeneration as long as possible, and then throw them in clear instead.
  3. Throw in someone who has not-green nanites--Black, Yellow, or perhaps group-mind.
  4. Put a Kaufman Goo I.V. into someone who's in a Clear tube, and let Kaufman and Clear fight it out. OK, what you really have to do is implant them with a little Kaufman Goo Generator. But whatever.
  5. Contrive some test in which some organs are Cleared and others are left Kaufman-dependent.
  6. Find some tech or psi way to be "fighting off" nanotech while you're in the tube.
Emergency Reserve Experiment:
  1. Power down the tube with someone in it, and put it through a Mad Science timewarp to verify that it would keep someone safe for 300 years if they crashed on an icy moon.

The following are leftover ideas from Green Tube research, some of which might be retooled for Clear if we need them. (Most promising-seeming ones have been re-sorted toward the top.)

  1. (Proposed) "Heal Suppress". A riff on the "Few Nannites" concept: Inject people with something that suppresses healing, thus requiring the Kaufman nannites to work overtime.

  2. (Proposed) "Disad of the Week": Modify a Kaufman tube(s) to introduce some sort of damaging nannite agent into the mix while healing someone, attempting to exactly balance damage vs. repair. Mechanic: GMs inflict a disad-of-the-week or morph-of-the-week on participants. The peril is obvious, since mad science is inherent in the idea. Might want to save this for the extra-stressy test if it qualifies.

  3. (Proposed) Have people wander around in an acutely lethal environment (radiation, vacuum, Vircus, target practice) while hooked up to an IV feeding them Perilous Super Kaufman (PSK) nanites that are trying to keep up with damage in realtime. [Maybe they operate for X time, furiously pumping up your HP, except that they can't be stopped until they expire and it turns out that you pass out/die at double your hit points as well as at zero, or suffer other ill effects.]

  4. (Proposed) Put a machine in a tube with someone, slowly beating on them through their whole cycle.

  5. (Proposed) Cross-connect the programming on two tubes while they're both occupied; maybe the people will switch shticks or something.

  6. (Proposed) An experiment similar to the "different types of damage, different methods of healing". Injuries would (once again) need to be relatively severe, and healing times might have to last up to three months to gather sufficient data.

  7. (Proposed) Perhaps all these years, Hippocrates was constantly recompiling because there's a software version of Kaufman Nanites in his system! We could, ah...Kaufmanize other ships or computers. Er, something like that. (Except Sook should have figured this out a long time ago?)

  8. (Proposed) A computer simulation based experiment?

  9. (Proposed) Something engineering-based?

  10. (Proposed) Something about cyborgs?

  11. (Proposed) Maybe something that involves more active participation from/peril for the subject, in exchange for less mechanical complexity on the part of the researchers?

  12. (Proposed) Different nanites, different tubes.

Notes from the initial experimentation stage:

  1. (done!) Study Cain's Kaufman nanite variant; attempt to correct nanite senility or prevent nanite evolution.

  2. (done!) Analyze data provided by Commodore DunWarwick and Hippocrates on prolonged exposure to Kaufman nanites.

  3. (done!) Build a bunch of different sorts of nanite-killer nanites. Proposed types include:

    1. Kills Kaufman nanites by turning them into duplicates of itself. Done: Katya; 2 successes
    2. Kills Kaufman nanites by disassembling them. Done: Martan; 2 successes
    3. Kills Kaufman nanites by jamming their works with specially tailored molecules. Done: Sophia; 3 successes
    4. Kills Kaufman nanites by latching on to them and dragging them into the large intestine. Done: Sharra; 1 success
    5. Kills Kaufman nanites by latching onto a nanite and self-destructing (micro-boom!). Done: Kith; 1 success
    6. Kills Kaufman nanites by capturing them in 'bubbles' tagged with antigens that will trigger a natural immune response to come get rid of them. Done: Max; 2 successes
    7. Kills Kaufman nanites by tracking them down and zapping them with localized bursts of high heat. Done: Ace; 1 success?
    8. Kills Kaufman nanites by releasing chemicals to render the bloodstream an inhospitible environment (e.g. too acidic or basic or something). nanites prepped: they have 2 dice

    Define the type of nanite-killing it does. Make a roll with Nanotech and Kaufman Process skill for 12s. Your nanite has this many Killing Dice. If this was zero, your nanites are too lame to do anything. Try again.

    For each type of nanite, treat a Kaufmanized person with the killer nanites.

    The amount of skill you have for your next roll depends on how far you let the nanite killing process go:

    2) ever so slightly sick
    4) sick
    6) quite sick
    8) nigh unto death
    12) dead

    Make a roll for 12s, using the nanite's Killing Dice and the above amount of skill.

    Add the successes to your total. You need twelve total. Total so far: 12: done!

  4. (done!) Healing different races/species.

  5. Put dead things in the tubes. This was done; we got zombie Sharras

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