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Publication reprints
Reprints of selected papers.

Methods for engineering few-cycle mode-locked lasers (PDF)
My PhD thesis, covering several computational and experimental methods I developed to engineer lasers producing ultra short pulses.

Two-dimensional spectral shearing interferometry (2DSI) (PDF)
Need to measure the waveform of an optical pulse lasting a few femtoseconds? This might help.

Modelocked Laser Steady-state Pulse Solver (PDF)
My SM thesis, covering an algorithm for solving directly for the steady state pulse of a nonlinear cavity with relatively weak nonlinearity, such as a solid-state femtosecond laser. The solution is typically found at least 10 times faster than with standard simulations, assuming a reasonable starting guess. Here is a short summary paper.

Phase Distortion Energy (PDF)
An alternative concept to dispersion, phase distortion energy is a better figure of merit to optimize for the performance of an optical system in many situations.

Ultrafast Optics Toolbox
MATLAB/C code for the fast optimization and analysis of dispersion from dielectric mirrors. Used for designing components for ultrafast optical systems and optical communications.

Ultrafast Optics and Quantum Electronics Group
Home page of my former research group.


Contact information




Diffraction theory illustration
A short visual illustration of the various diffraction theories,
intended for people already familiar with linear systems.

Photographs suitable for use as desktop backgrounds,
much of it aerial drone photography of New England.

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