I am passionate about bringing breakthrough technological innovations that I create into the world, in order to positively impact our society and move humanity forward.

Liquid AI, Inc

A new generation of foundation models from first principles.

Co-founder; Chief Science Officer. (2023 - present) Spun out of MIT CSAIL, I co-founded Liquid AI, together with Ramin Hasani, Mathias Lechner, and Daniela Rus. The company’s mission is to build state-of-the-art general-purpose AI systems that are capable, efficient, highly aligned, and trustworthy. We are building a new class of foundation models beyond generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs).

Themis AI Inc

Empowering the world to create, advance, and deploy trustworthy AI.

Co-founder. Themis AI Inc, a spinoff from MIT CSAIL, is a leader in providing high-performance and risk-robust AI solutions — identifying and tackling bias, uncertainty, and other real-world challenges in deploying robust AI solutions. Our products reliably uncover existing risks, deep within AI models and data, and work to improve performance, both overall and also on the most challenging edge cases. This translates to deployment-centric AI that is more accurate, safe, and robust across the board.

Momentum AI

Diversifying the next generation of thinkers, coders, and leaders.

Co-founder. Momentum AI, is a non-profit, which teaches local underserved high schoolers the fundamentals of artificial intelligence. AI is the future, and our mission is to make it accessible to all. We provide all-expenses-paid programs for high schoolers to take a deep technical dive into AI in an individualized setting with MIT mentors. The inaugural capstone program launched with underserved high schoolers from over 40 local Boston high schools with 100% free access to to all the technology, meals, and transportation.


Building technology to transform how people learn, recover, and grow.


TennisTek pioneered new products for AI-assisted motion refinement and improvement using inexpensive and highly accessible inertial sensors and state-of-art artificial intelligence software. We produced a real-time computer software system to analyze human motion data as it is generated, directly from the body, and provide unbiased and precise motion refinement feedback. The technology solved a wide variety of motion assessment scenarios including in sports (e.g., an automated tennis coaching system trained from professional athletes), physical therapy (e.g., physical therapy to re-learn how to walk), and emergency response.