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Here's Tori's new single "Sleeps With Butterflies":

I first learned about Tori from my first roommate here at MIT, Sameera Iyengar. She (Sam, not Tori) kept singing clips like "So you can make me cum that doesn't make you Jesus" and "When you gonna love you as much as I do".... I eventually started to listen to all of Little Earthquakes, and was quickly hooked by the emotion-laden music of this woman whose voice ranges from a sensual near-growl, to a playful bouncy lilt, to an angry rasp overflowing with pain and hurt.

Since then, my fascination with Tori has only grown. I started with Little Earthquakes, and then bought every CD of hers that I could get my hands on. So far, I have 14 CDs and a video. :-) If you know where I can get a CD of hers that I don't have, tell me. :-)

I was at her concert March 31 (1994) at Sanders Theater (at Harvard) here in Cambridge. It was cool. :-) I also saw her at the Orpheum in Boston (June 11, 1994), someplace in New Jersey (June 17, 1994), and at Smith College (October 20, 1994).

I have a homepage on my web site (of which I was one of the maintainers), too.

Please feel free to let me know what you think.

-Eric Mumpower (

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