Some Tori Amos Quicktime Movies...

There is a good collection of Quicktime movies about Tori Amos at, in /pub/tori/quicktime.

Beware: most of the .mov files are 15-20 Megabytes each. is only 500K, though. =)

These movies are also available in MPEG format, with accompanying (separate) sound files. If anyone out there can tell me how to accurately synchronise the video and audio, please tell me about it. There seems to also be a growing archive of other things about tori there as well. I'll explore this and make links to it when I find the time. :-)

These are maintained by David Schenfeld (

I FTP'd and -- they're both worth the effort! is a movie of Tori playing all of God, live, and is just a shot of her hands and then panning up to her face, as she sings the words "Baker, baker... baking a cake...". I realize that my reaction was in part due to the fanatic nature of my interest in Tori and her music, but my skin tingled as I watched (and heard) her playing God. =)

I borrowed a friend's Mac to do this. I found that when I fetched the files through Mosaic, it understood how to view them using Movieplayer without any assistance from me. When I fetched them via plain FTP, I had to use BunchTyper (I'm sure there are other ways) to change the files so that the Mac could recognize them as quicktime movies. I changed the Type to MooV and the Creator to TVOD. This is supposed to be viewable under Microsoft Windows as well, but I haven't tried yet.

-Eric Mumpower (