Pictures of Tori Amos

Pictures of Tori Amos

I like Tori Amos a lot. If you have a neat picture of her that I don't have, please let me know; I'll probably be interested in getting a copy of it from you. :-)

Many of these pictures came from the FTP site in the directory /pub/music/pictures/a/amos.tori. (If this site denies you ftp access, it's because they have a limit on the number of simultaneous off-campus users. Try again at non-peak hours.) (Also, it seems that Mosaic doesn't really like the way this site formats their directory information -- if you use Mosaic, you might like to use regular text-based FTP to look around here)

A good friend of mine is providing space for some of these pictures. She likes Tori too. :-)

The numbers in parenthesis after each description are (horizontal pixelsxvertical pixels, size in kilobytes). For those of you who are delaying image-loading, the thumbnails on this page range in size from 800 bytes to 5k bytes.

I have a thumbnail list of images at other sites.
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