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Please note. I haven't really updated my homepage since 1995, other than to add this message. Lots of things have changed in 5+ years. Please don't assume that much of anything here is the same, other than my love of Tori's music and my disinterest in getting random questions from strangers in email.

Hi. My full name, which no one other than Erin and my immediate family remembers, is Eric Jerome Paul Mumpower.

. Do you really want to know more about me?.

(our webmistress)

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Tori Amos!

I'm a Tori Amos fan. If you don't know who she is, you probably want to skip to the next section of my homepage. =)
Advice from a mother to her college age, Boston-bound daughter:

"Never go out with an MIT student; they are horrible dates. More than any other college men, they are only after one thing:


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I am one of the maintainers of a web server. I also very recently became a webmaster on another web server.

I've got my own computer running Linux, with a web server, too.

I have a resumé, in .dvi (DeVice Independent file), PostScript, and HTML formats.

Please feel free to let me know what you think.

-Eric Mumpower (