More about Eric

Hmm. I didn't really want to write a whole lot of egotistical stuff about myself under the assumption that all of these Webfolk would really care all that much about who I am and what I do in my Copious Free Time... but I have found myself irrationally and nosily wondering the same things about the people who wrote the other homepages I've seen, so I'm going to go ahead and be egotistical (it's fun, you know) and spew on and on about myself. :-)

The Early Years

Yeah, I was born. In Florida, even. I hear it's a nice place from my Floridian housemates, but I wouldn't really know, because I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, before I had much time to remember anything. No, please don't hold that against me. Georgia's a very nice place ... if you're white and male. (And I am, but please don't blame me for that either -- it's really not my fault.) At any rate, I'm glad to be in Boston now. It's usually colder in Boston than Atlanta, which I sort of like. So I went through school. It seems that a lot of people (well, nerds, anyway) want to forget about their high school years. I manage to do this (forget, not want to) without really trying, so I'll skip that part.

Recent Stuff

I came to MIT. I really like it here -- there are a lot of intriguing people to be with and to talk to. When I came to MIT, rush happened (Rush happens when frosh first come to MIT), and I settled on a place called Senior House pretty quickly. But then I decided to visit some ILGs (Independent Living Groups) and frats, and went to Fenway, Pika, and finally Epsilon Theta. I never quite got around to leaving ET :-). I spent my first year here learning a lot about myself... and found a lot of good friends.

During the spring of my freshman year, I spent a lot of time logged in, and mostly lived in the SIPB office, and was eventually made a SIPB member.

But wait -- it gets better. October 5, 1993 (the beginning of my Sophomore year), I asked a beautiful, fascinating woman how she felt about the idea of "going out" (we both admitted it was a very high-schoolish phrase). It worked out well. :-)

But life goes on.

Since that time, I've become a MIT SIPB Webmaster on this server, and a MIT AI Lab Webmaster.

I've also found I don't really have much time to write random stuff for my web pages; this web page is a snapshot of my life from the time I wrote this page, which was back in early 1994. My life has changed a lot since that time. If you are really interested in knowing what my life is like now, I suggest you approach me via zephyr or in person. I'm notoriously bad at replying to email or letters from people who I've never met.