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Rollo is Rollo Armstrong, a fiercely talented, prolific and influential dance music producer from England. Cheeky Records is the music label that most of his work has been issued under in the U.K., allied with Champion Records, an independent record label distributed by BMG. Faithless are Rollo, Sister Bliss (Ayalah Bentovin), Maxi Jazz, Jamie Catto and Dave Randall (the newest member).

Thanks to the following individuals for sharing their passion for the music and providing updates from afar. My pages have greatly benefited from their help:

Sjoerd Visser has a most informative page, Rollo Armstrong - The Works (The Netherlands).
Stefan Sell has a very up-to-date Rollo and Sister Bliss discography (Germany).
Marco Bakker has a beautiful page for Faithless, Kristine W and Rollo (The Netherlands).


The Discographies

Rollo productions
Rollo remixes (updated May 22, 2000)

Dusted (updated August 14, 2000)
Faithless (updated August 14, 2000)

Sister Bliss (updated May 22, 2000)
Dido (updated August 24, 2000)
Rob D (updated May 24, 2000)
Skinny (updated October 20, 2000)
Pauline Taylor
Kristine W

Cheeky Records / Junior Cheeky Records / Hooj Choons Records

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