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Home Systems and Network


I have more computers, of more types, and a larger network in my house than many small businesses. In maintaining this heterogeneous collection, and putting it to use both in household and business related ways, I have developed a facility with making systems work together to achieve objectives.

Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT

(1973 to 1993)

The Tech Model Railroad Club (TMRC) had several PDP11s. The system used for development work ran RT-11 and had a wide variety of peripherals. There were several systems which were used in operation of the club's layout. These ran stand-alone code developed by me for the club. These systems are real-time process control applications. I developed the kernel system as well as the specific implementations in two of these systems. The programs involve tree searching for route selection, routines to control the relay interfaces, and status displays for the operators. I have been involved with the maintenance of the relay systems and the hardware and software on all the computers at TMRC since I started at MIT in 1973.

Bristol High School

(1970 to 1974)

While a student at BHS and for a period of a year thereafter, I wrote many programs to aid the use of their PDP8/E system and advised on the considerations for expansion during this time. While I was actively associated with this system it grew from a minimum 4K and 1 terminal system when first delivered in fall 1970 to a 4 terminal 12K system with card reader, line printer and dectape mass storage. After I left they converted to a PDP11 based system, partly on my recommendation.

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