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I have over 35 years experience with the net (I can't say "with The Internet" since it didn't have that name 35 years ago), and a little more experience with non-networked computers (about 40 years). I have used many computer languages and as a result, I find I can learn most any computer language enough to start writing real programs in a few hours to a day. My experience includes a wide variety of hardware and operating systems.

My main areas of expertise are in Internet routing and architecture, especially design of large networks or using all the tools of network design to achieve special goals, load balancing, traffic management. This can be applied to core network engineering as well as engineering of interconnect plans, server farm performance, or distributed server setups

I am presently interested mainly in additional consulting contracts. Many large networks (both ISPs and corporate networks) don't really have demand for a full-time routing guru, but could use one occasionally, e.g. for a one week project once or twice a year, and occasionally for larger projects. This is the void I am looking to fill. While I am located in the Boston area, many of these things can be done by E-mail and remote control, so actual location is not important. And I also enjoy travelling.

I'm also willing to consider other offers for exceptionally interesting (to me) positions.

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[Work history] [Other Experience] [Education]
[Computer Languages], [Operating Systems], [Hardware],
Although not strictly part of my resume, you might be interested in looking at my other collections of web pages, which give additional insight into my eclectic interests.
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