Computer Languages

This is a list of the computer languages I know. It's in descending order of current familiarity. I find I can learn most computer languages in a very short time (hours to a day at most for simple tasks). A few things are included here that aren't strictly programming languages (e.g. HTML), but they are all computer languages of some sort.

Current regular use

These languages are ones that I currently use on a regular basis.

Recent extended experience

These are languages I have recently (within the last five years) written a large program or system in, but have since stopped using.

Previous extended experience

These are languages in which I have written large systems at some time in the past, but have not used within the last 5 years.

Basic experience

These are languages which I have learned and written programs in, but no substantial sized projects. Some of these were languages used in classes at MIT, in which the class assignments were written, but which I never used again.

Read-only languages

These are languages with which I am sufficiently familiar to understand programs others have written, even to the point of making basic modifications, but have yet to write a real program in, only toy programs.
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