James B. Rice, Jr.

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Researcher in Supply Chain Management
Jim conducts research in supply chain management, with particular focus on organizational aspects of how firms coordinate both internally within the organization, and externally with customers and suppliers. His recent work includes:
  1. CTL Port Resilience Project - This research is funded in part by the US Department of Homeland Security, working as part of the DHS-funded Center of Excellence, "The National Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce" (CSR)

  2. Supply Chain Response - This research project was intitiated in 2001 to study the impact of high-impact/low-probability disruptions such as global terrorism on supply chains. Visit our Supply Chain Response project research site for access to downloads.

  3. Smart Objects - This included a series of projects focused on the application of RFID in the supply chain. Ideally the application extends beyond RFID and is more 'Auto-ID' which entails longer-term and disruptive effects that may be possible by applying RFID. Some of the projects are briefly described in the referenced spreadsheet.

    In general, the projects include:
    - Smart Objects Study: This entails several studies being examining the benefits of unit level traceability in the manufacturing and logistics processes. Several specific studies on-site are being conducted, each of which will contribute to a broader study being done with Stanford University to understand the potential long-term and disruptive impact of RFID on the supply chain.
    - Study of RFID application across leading practitioners and early-adopters,
    - Study of RFID application in the logistics processes at consumer products manufacturers, including the linkage through to the trade customer

  4. Demand Generation - A current study examining the dynamics of product transitions and the impact of demand generation in product transitions on supply chains. This work was done together with Dr. Jim Hines and Paulo Gonçalves of the System Dynamics Group in conjunction with Prof. Hau Lee of Stanford University.

  5. Supply Chain Visualization - Development of a system that enables visualization and design/redesign of supply chains with tangible interfaces. This work was led by Prof. Tom Malone (Center for Coordination Science) with Prof. Hiroshi Ishii (Media Lab) and Dr. Jim Hines (System Dynamics Group).

  6. Network Master (Multi-Tier Coordination) - A study of future supply chain designs that will enable what many have described as 'seamless end-to-end integration of the supply network.' The project developed several new concepts represented in the following papers::
  7. Creating Lasting Value through Supply Chain Collaboration - A study examining key sucess factors of collaboration, being done in conjunction with Stanford University.
    • Collaboration, Alliances and the Coordination Spectrum (working paper - contact Jim Rice if you wish to get a copy of this document).

  8. Wise Abuse of Supply Chain Power - A recent study examining the role and use of power in coordinating supply networks. This work is being done together with Dr. Jim Hines and Paulo Gonçalves of the System Dynamics Group.

Some of Jim's work has been published in several recent books and articles:

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