Matthew and Jake go the the Moxy Fruvous Concert

First, Moxy Fruvous is a Canadian music group, not what it sounds like it is. You know. Matthew and Jake and many of their friends listen to Moxy Fruvous. It all got started with George. He's Canadian.

A phone call, a radio show, a phone call

Matthew and Jake were in the SIPB office. The Moxy Fruvous concert was that evening. The phone rang. It rings a lot in the SIPB office. It was Moxy Fruvous! Ok, just kidding. It wasn't, but it gets better. It was some guy from WMBR (the MIT radio station). He said, "We're going to have Moxy Fruvous on the show at 9:00 and we wanted to know if you guys could call in so we don't look lame". Really. They didn't want to be lame, so they called SIPB. Go figure. So, Matthew and Jake listened to the Moxy Fruvous interview on the radio. (pay attention, here comes the good part) One of the guys in Moxy Fruvous said something about the Web. Really. Matthew and Jake were impressed. So Matthew called WMBR, and asked to talk to Moxy Fruvous. Matthew told them, "I'm one of the webmasters at MIT and we want to help you get on the web." One of the guys said "Really?". Matthew said "Really."

That Phateful Phonecall

Moxy (that's not his real name) said some things to Matthew that you may have a hard time believing, but it's true, so read close. Really. This is the good part. Really. The part above was good, but this is really the good part. Moxy (that's still not his real name) said, "Ok, we'll put you on the guest list for the show tonight". Matthew said, "Whoa!", but not out loud. All the other people in the office made a lot of noise and Moxy said something about Matthew's "drunken cohorts". This next part is really good. Then Moxy declared Matthew, "The Moxy Fruvous Ambassador to the Internet". Really.

Before the Concert

Matthew told some people about his experience. He told Shabby what happened. Shabby said, "Really?". Matthew said, "Really." Matthew was on the guest list for the show and he was allowed one guest, so he took Jake.

The Concert

Matthew and Jake showed up at the concert. They got in free. (They were still on the guest list, same as two sentences ago) Shabby wasn't there. Matthew and Jake were sad, but not so sad as to be overwhelmed. The concert started. They said "Hi" to Matthew on stage. Everyone was impressed. They played good music. Then the sound system broke. They played an acoustic song. Shabby showed up then. Matthew and Jake were no longer sad. Shabby sat right in front of the big big bass speaker. Then the sound sytem got fixed. Shabby really felt the bass. They sang the song "Spiderman". They changed some of the lyrics to be something about "Spinning a web on the internet" Really. The concert was very good.

After the Concert

Ok, sit down now. This is the good part, really. Matthew and Jake went and talked to Moxy. Actually his real name is Jean. He said they wanted to get on the internet. Matthew said he would like to help them. Matthew gave them his business card, and Matthew got the number of their publicity agent. Then they just hung out some. And chatted and stuff. Really. Matthew and Jake talked to Moxy Fruvous. Really. Then they asked Matthew and Jake to come on tour with them. Matthew and Jake said they couldn't, but thanks for the offer. Ok, they didn't really offer that, but it's true that Matthew and Jake didn't go on tour with Moxy Fruvous.

Everyone went home, but now Matthew had their publicists number. And Guess What?

Demented Ending

Real Ending

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