Matthew and Jake, on tour

See Matthew and Jake, on tour with Moxy Fruvous! Mark your calendar with the following tour dates:

Boston			12/5
Providence		12/7
Philidelphia		12/8
Chicago			12/11
Sioux City		12/12
Minneapolis		12/14
Ganymede		12/18
Boise			12/19
Seattle			12/20
Portland		12/21
Sacramento		12/23

Special Chirstmas Eve Concert!
Los Angeles		12/24

Phoenix			12/27
Denver			12/29

Special New Years Eve Concert!
St. Louis		12/31

New Orleans		1/3
Dallas			1/5
Kansas City		1/7
Memphis			1/9
Baltimore		1/10
Atlanta			1/12
Orlando			1/15

AT USENIX, 1/16 to 1/20

Birmingham		1/21
Indianapolis		1/23
New York		1/26
Ok, just kidding, one of those stops isn't real. Really. Ok, just kidding, Moxy Fruvous just ended their tour and Matthew and Jake didn't go on tour with them ever. This will teach you to read to the bottom of the page before flying off to some strange city.