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These stories are extremely violent and sexual in nature. They are without a doubt both "indecent" and "patently offensive". Depending on your sensibilities, you may be dismayed or physically nauseated by the material they contain. Don't say you weren't warned. I strongly suggest that you Go Back Now, even if you are not easily upset. They are worse than any "R" rated movie I have ever seen, including Seagal and van Damme movies, and probably worse than most books you have read, including The Silence of the Lambs and books by Anne Rice and Lawrence Sanders. No kidding.
Additionally, free-speech advocates may find themselves questioning their views. This is not necessarily a bad thing.
These stories were originally posted to alt.sex.stories by Jake Baker. They were reposted later to alt.sex.stories, and then e-mailed to me by considerate net-readers. Mail headers from those that forwarded the stories were deleted, and I converted the files to html format.


I am nauseated by these stories. I would walk out of a movie if it was this graphic. I provide them here as a service to the Internet community regarding the critical issues raised by the Jake Baker case. It is foolish, after all, to argue about something you haven't read. The name of the woman in question has been edited out of these stories and replaced with "Jane Doe"; I do not possess and will not provide her name to anyone. E-mail flames regarding the availability of these stories will be cheerfully ignored. These stories are also freely available elsewhere on the Internet. The stories will go away again if the CDA is upheld by the Supreme Court, so if you want to review them again you may want to save them.

Jake Baker's Stories

(1/9/95) Doe
The story which describes the rape, torture, and murder of a woman Baker knows from class. All references to her have been changed to "Jane Doe". This is the story that originated the controversy.
(1/7/95) Going for a Walk
A story which describes the kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder of a random teenage victim.
(12/15/94) A Day At Work
A story which describes the kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder of a random victim.
(10/3/94) Gone Fishin'
A story describing the rape, torture, and murder of a teenage girl and her boyfriend by her brother and his friend.

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