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Excuse the spelling errors, I wrote this without the benefit of a spell-checker.

The following story contains ... oh, read the header. mf, nc, pedo, rape, tort, snuff, nouns, verbs, punctuation-marks, etc.

Oh, I'd also like to take this opportunity to request a repost or e-mail of Junior High School Prisoners 1 and 2. Thanks.

For those of you who do, I write this to turn you on. For those of you who don't, I write this to annoy you. Either way, have an opinion. The greatest insult to a writer is not to have any feelings for his work.

Comments and criticisms always welcome.

Going for a Walk

I was just going for a walk. That's all. Me and my walkman. Like normal. Sure, I'd gone a little far this time, out past the outskirts of Ypsi, but my roommate was having a party, and if there's anything I hate, it's parties.

So I was walking along, and I see, up the street a distance, a slim figure jogging. Now it's getting dark on this deserted road (I know where to go when I want to be alone), so I don't notice it's this really pretty petit blond girl until she's almost past me. A highschooler, I thought.

And then the most surprising thing happened. Without my being aware of it, my left arm snapped out and caught her with a clothesline. She ran smack into my arm, and fell over. Some werid instinst, I guess. And although 'I' didn't have anything to do with the following, it was certainly not my intentions to harm this pretty lass, I cannot say that some part of my is happy for doing this:

I looked down at her. She was just starting to get up, giving me wary glances. She was wearing a white cut-off nad blue shorts. She got up, looked at me with startled doe eyes, and I hit her again. Smacked her really. Hard across the face. She let out a yelp of pain and fell again, this time face down.

I stradled her body and sat down on her ass. I could feel her tender young skin through all our layers of clothing. She started kicking and yelling, pounding the ground with her hands. "Get off me! Get off me!" She was practically screeching.

I pressed her face back into the ground, and moved mine close to her ear.

"Now understand this, cunt," I said, "I'm gonna hurt you real bad. And you can scream all you want. Please, be my guest. And then, I'm gonna kill your young ass. You ain't never gonna see your loved ones again, little bitch!"

I was smiling as I told her this. She started crying. I stood up, grabbed her by her long hair, and dragged her into the woods. Her hand clawed against mine, trying to free herself, trying to relieve the pressure on her scalp, but to no avail. I wasn't about to let her go.

When I got her a ways into the woods, I slammed her up against a tree. The air went out of her lungs with a harsh caugh. Holding her head still with one hand, I made a fist with the other and started beating her. A couple pounches into her exposed midrift. A crack against her jaw. All the while, she was trying to fend me off with her hands, kick at me with her legs. But she was young and weak.

I kept on hitting her until she went limp in my arms. Not unconscious, but she'd stopped struggling. Her face, belly, and upper arms were bruising from my assault. Tears rolled out of her puffed up eyes. I let her go and watched her slither to the ground. She huddled there, letting out weak moans of pain.

It was getting dark, so I hurried and forced her clothes off. I ripped her thin t-shirt and threw it away. Rolling her over, I forced her legs apart and held her slim wrists in one hand while removing her white bra with the other. Her tiny underage tits poked free. They barely lifted off her chest. I rolled one of her nipples with my free hand. She let out another moan. "Like that, mmm, bitch?" I asked. She moved her cracked lips, but nothing came out.

Picking up the limp girl, I threw her face down over a nearby log, so that her ass was sticking up in the air. I violently removed her shorts and panties, along with her shoes and socks, just to get her completely naked. Her ass and legs were thin and smooth. I ran my fingers down one of her cheeks, then slapped it hard. She let out a yelp of pain, and tried to twist around, some reistance being reborn in her. A hard smack to her skull had her slupped, moaning, over the log again.

As I removed my pants, I said, "Now that's a good girl. All nice and ready to be poked. Where should I go first, hmm?" I picked a two-inch thick branch from the forest flor. "Oh, I know? How about you lettile pussy? Bet you a virgin, right" The girl didn't answer. No that I expected her to. It was a rhetorical question.

Now that I had my pants off, I walked up behind her. Spreading her thin legs with mine, so that my penis was dangling over her crotch, just barely touching it before it started rising. With one hand, I spread her pussy lips. She felt nice and tight. Now that I was touching her privates, the girl began to squirm again, so that I had to keep her down with one hand. With the other, I maneuvered the thick branch against her pussy. "You're gonna like this," I snickered.

Rotating the branch back and forth, I started pushing into her vagina. Bits of bark broke loose and imbedded themselves into he pussy skin. The girls head leaped up and she started screaming. Good. This was the sound I was waiting to hear. It made my prick spring full upright. To make the chorus louder, I began thrusting the branch in and out of her hole, twisting it to make it more painful. Her head whipped about, her mouth bawled and begged me to stop. Silly girl. Of course I wouldn't.

As I watched this stick ram in and out of her, bringing forth some blood, my eyes travelled to her buttocks and curved back. These, I thought, need some attention as well. So, still grinding her on the stick, I removed my braided leather belt from my pants on the ground. I pulled back with my arm, and let swing against her right buttocks. *SMACK* it went, creating a bright red mark where it'd hit. This brought about a new wail of pain >from the teenage girl. I drew back again. *SMACK* Against her left buttocks. *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* against her back and her beautiful legs. She was caterwauling by this time, her tiny body asheen with pain, twisting back and forth so prettily. I stepped up my pace, both with the branch and with the whip. her screaming never stopped, but became hoarse after about ten minutes of this.

When my arms grew tired, I stopped beating her with my belt. She was crying, letting out weak moans. My prick was so hard, I just had to fuck her as the last of the light faded.

I removed the branch from her pussy, and watched the lips creep back together. The girl was panting hard. Must have enjoyed it as much as I did, *snicker*

Moving up behind her, the bright red and blue bruises all over her body hidden in the darkness, I positioned my cock against the crack of her tiny asshole. It felt so warm. Reaching out under her, I grabbed two handfuls of breast. This was hard, considering how small hers were. But I stretched them to get a bigger handful. *ENNGGHH* my darling little highschooler went, too abused to make human sounds.

Using her tits, I rammed myself hard into her asshole. Even so, her narrow shitter gave way slowly. Sliding in, she started making this high-pitched, rabbit-like noise. Then I started to fuck her. Hard and fast. Ripping out her insides, I pistoned my hard cock in her asshole, her screams and bucking making me even harder. Here insides tore as my cock made a passage for itself. Shit leaked out around my cock. Ram ram ram ram, her small body shook with the violence of my fucking. My hand mauled her tits even further, stretching and twisting them as far as they'd go, and then further. I felt flesh stretch apart in my hands. Such was the fury of my assault that when I pulled out, there were bruises on the skin around her asshole.

But I was about to cum, so I leapfrogged over her and grabbed her head with my hand. "Suck!" I screamed, and forced my shit-covered cock into her tiny mouth. She gagged and chocked, but I pressed my cock all the way in to the hilt, and held it there. her gagging around it made me come faster.

And when I came, I exploded into her. I came for almost half a minut, pumping her belly full of hot sperm. She pain etched face wrinkled with disgust at the taste of shit and cum. When I at last pulled my shrinking cock out, she puked all over the forest dirt. "Filthy whore," I said in disgust.

I remained standing in front of her until she looked up at me with pleading eyes. When she did, I pissed on her. A yellow stream of hot urine coating her face, hair, getting into her nostrils, her ears, her mouth. She puked again.

When I was done, I sighed with pleasure and leaned up against a nearbye tree. I lit a cigarette and smoked. Some time must have passed, and it very dark when my tortured, abused girl rose up from over the log and started to walk away. very calmly, I pulled out my .22 (can't be too safe at night. Lot's of weirdos about) and shot her. I glanced off her shoulder. She fell, too weak to move. I got up, put my pants back on, and shot her three more times: once in the other shoulder, and once in each leg. This way, she'd never make it back to civilization, and would die a slow, painful death.

I retraced my way out of the trees, sure that she'd never make it the ten feet to the road ever again, and walked home. By the time anyone found her, there's be nothing to indentify me whatsoever. Just a maggot eaten corpse. Nature's way, so to speak.