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========== forwarded story:

From: (Jake Baker)
Subject: Gone Fishin' <m/f, nc, rape, torture, incest>
Date: 3 Oct 1994 05:56:26 GMT
Organization: University of Michigan
Lines: 257

Disclaimer: The following is just words. Words have no inherent meaning. Plato is dead.

Warning: The following story contains non-consentual rape, torture and snuff of a teenager by her brother and his friend. Consider yourself warned.

Gone Fishin'

"Hey. Mom, where'd Liz go?"

That was Pete. Pete's my age. Liz is his older sister. We needed to find out where she was.

See, we'd got to talking earlier. We were in his room, watching some porno flicks with the volume turned down, discussing girls. You see, Pete and I are a lot a like. At only sixteen each, were far more mature for our age. We both have to shave. We're rejected by the rest of our peers, so we pal around together. We're share very similar tastes, in all matters.

So I was talking with Pete, and Pete said, "What kind of girls do you find attractive?" He hadn't actually used the word 'girls'. He'd said 'bitches'. See, several weeks ago we admitted to each other that we both thought more about rape than girlfriends; more about sticking hot needles through girls' tits than sucking them, more about abusing them than loving them. So we started to refer to girls in derogatory terms. It turned us on. "Girl" or "woman" makes you think of them as people. "Whore", "bitch", "cunt", "slut" makes you think of them as what they are - fuck toys for the men of the world. Only the bitches've convinced most men they have rights, and so most men don't take advantage of them as they should.

I thought a while, than said, "I think your sister is kind've cute," I looked at Pete, thinking he might grow upset over that. But he smiled his toothy smile and said, "Ya know, me too!

"My sister is such a bitch. I mean, she ignores me. She mocks me. Her cunt friends come over and tease me. Sometimes I see her walk naked out of the shower. I enjoy leering at her body. God I'd love to torture her, make her bleed for me!"

My cock grew enormous as I thought about his sister. Liz was only a year older than Pete. She was thin and wispy, with pale skin. Although seventeen, she still looked as if she were only thirteen or so. She had no breasts to speak of. Her narrow face had a pug nose; her wispy brown hair fell to her shoulders. But she was a true bitch, and didn't like either of us. She was smart, got good grades in school, so Pete's mom liked her and not Pete.

Pete started to stroke his cock. "Tell me what you'd do to Liz if you caught her alone," He said. I closed my eyes and imagined ...

"She'd be all alone, in the house. I'd come in and call out for you. She'd say you weren't in, from where she was sitting, reading a book on the couch. I'd walk over next to her, strike the book from her hand. I'd grab her by the hair and strike her face real hard ..."

Just then, there was a knock on the door; we hurriedly pulled our pants up as Pete's mom walked in.

"Are you too behaving yourselves?"

"Yeah, sure. Hey, mom, where'd Liz go?"

"She went with Tom to the fishing hole back in the woods," Tom was Liz's wimpy boyfriend. He'd never even kissed her.

When Pete's mom left, I asked him, "Why'd you wanna know where Liz is?"

He grinned when he said, "Let's go rape her!"

I was a bit apprehensive, but finally Pete convinced me. He said the old fishing hole was two miles deep into the woods. Overpowering Tom would be no problem, and there'd be no-one around to here Liz scream. My hard cock prompted me to go without to much worry over getting caught.

First, though, we had to get some "toys". Yeah, sure, we'd fuck Liz, right in the cunt and mouth and asshole, but fuckin' women only's half of what they're good for. The other half's torturin'.

Pete got his school bag and we went around the house, putting things into it. We got a bundle of strong cord. We got pliers and his dad's power drill, with all the tips for it. Pete put a sharp paring knife in; I got a box of needles and a lighter. Heavy electrical wire went in, as did some tent stakes. We got it good and full, then started to hike.

The woods weren't far from Pete's house. We got on the trail and walked. The hard-ons in our pants wouldn't come down. The trip took twenty minutes, but then we were at the fishing hole. We hid behind the bushes and watched.

Liz and Tom were doing homework. Tom's fishing pole had been placed into the ground, and was ignored. Tom was a young kid, only 15, a year younger than Pete and myself, and much less well- built. We watched for a while, horrified by the fact that Tom didn't seem the least bit interested in jumping on Liz and raping her. As nothing in this scene changed for fifteen minutes, we sprung up and crashed our way out of the bushes.

Pete immediately went to his sister and put her into a bear-hug. Her face smushed against his chest. Meanwhile, I grabbed Tom by his short hair and dragged him into the little muddy pool. He drowned quickly, without much struggle.

When I came onto dry land again, Pete was holding his sister from behind. She'd seen what I'd done, and started balling "Stop it! Stop it" I laughed and smacked her. Pete whispered into her ear "We're gonna fuck you, sis. What you think about that?"

"Your both perverts and should be locked up!" she cried, then twisted her way out of Pete's arms. (Actually, Pete'd let her go). We chased her around the pool until her unathletic little body couldn't go any further, and she collapsed, "Pete," she pleaded, tears welling into her eyes, "This isn't funny."

"It's not meant to be, you bitch!" he yelled at her. He grabbed a handful of her hair, and drug her kicking and screaming into the woods.

Forcing her roughly against a tree, we stripped her. Using brute strength, we tore her dress from her body until it was bare. Liz was moaning "No, no, please..." Pete enjoyed smacking her almost as much as I did.

When she was fully bare (there's not much to describe. Her barely existent breasts and hairless pussy made her look like a little kid), I punched her in the stomach. She folded up, clutching her stomach and moaning. "Oh, I'll give you something to moan about, bitch!" I said.

Taking the rope out of Pete's bag, I tied little Liz in between two trees, her legs and arms spread out, so that we had a clear view of her entire body. Liz struggled against the bonds, but it was useless. With her so restrained, Pete and I undressed. His cock swelled just as much as mine, and its purple tip oozed pre-cum. When Liz saw this, she started yelling for help, "Help me! Help me, somebody! I'm being raped!" She yelled over and over.

Pete and I walked over to his naked, helpless sister. She stared at us, eyes wide with fear and blurred by tears. I took her back and Pete took her front. We felt her up. I ran my fingers through her fine brown hair, then they lingered on her soft neck. I imagined it squeezed beneath my hands. They made a quick route down her back, then I reached her butt. It was small and thin, just like the rest of her. I stroked it gently. Liz pleaded with me, "Please, please don't touch me there!" (or maybe that was to Pete's attentions on her tiny nipples). I smacked her rump hard for her complaining. It made a nice cracking sound, so I did it again. Liz yelped in pain and my erection jerked. I kneaded her thin buttocks, digging my fingernails in. I spread them apart so I could get a look at her asshole (Pete had her pussy). It was small like a little girls, all crinkly and dirty. I massaged it with the tip of my pinky, and it started to quiver. Liz jerked and moaned.

Pete called me up front to watch as he started to decorate her. I heated the sewing needles up for him. Then he grabbed as much of a breast as she had and yanked. Her body pulled forward, and the nipple squeezed out. Holding it like that, he slowly inserted the pin through it, taking his jolly time as Liz screamed and screamed.

"Will you listen to that?" I laughed, "Your sis is quite the vocal brat. Think I should quiet her down!"

Once both pins were through her nipples, we removed them and put loop earrings into the holes they'd made, and attached a leash to the loops. I tugged on it a bit, enjoying the reactions this solicited from Liz and the way it made her nipples bulge out. Then we took her down. Pete sat on her back as we made her crouch there. He took out a length of the electrical cord and began whipping her ass with it as I shoved my aching member into her tiny mouth. She looked so much like a little girl! Her screams and sobs and gagging around my cock brought up a load of jism, which I was happy to withdraw for and spread all over her pretty face. Then I smacked her with my aching cock.

Liz's ass was a bright red when Pete got off her. We lead her around on the leash for a while. Then I hog-tied her and pulled her along the ground by her hair while Pete lay atop of her, humping her. Pete lashed her over a tree branch and fucked all of her holes while I used the pliers to jerk and tear at her tortured tits.

We tied her laying on her back to a log, her small frame contorted and stretched around the huge thing. We inserted the tent stakes into her hairless cunt and asshole and twisted them around. Liz jerked and starined, her voice was getting hoarse from all her screaming. Her body was covered with bright and dark bruises; my cum still lingered on her face; her tiny crotch region was distended by too much violent fucking. She jerked and spasmed from all the attention. Her legs twitched, calling attention to them. I took out the lighter again and lightly burned her inner thighs. They glowed a nice red. Then I whipped them with a thick wire cord. Liz screamed, and Pete shoved his thick cock down her throat again, calling back, "Keep doing that man. It feels so good when she screams," So I obediently kept whipping her, moving from her inner thighs to her stomach and then her bleeding nips. With a huge jerk that broke her nose, Pete gushed a load of cum down his bitch sisters throat. When he pulled away, she tried to spit his white love juice out, but he pushed her jaw back and made her swallow. Her face contorted at the taste. It was so lovely.

We hung her upside-down from a high tree branch and used her as a punching bag. She swung back and forth. Pete punched her in her cut-up nip; on the return swing, I kneed her in the face. She made horrible sounding gargling noises as we did this. The cunt's screeching didn't even sound human anymore. She sounded like a wounded rabbit.

When we got tired, we left her like so that we could rest, and to get our horniness back. Pete's sister dangled there, in mid-air before us, cut up and bleeding, covered with cum; her asshole leaked shit and her cunt blood. Her mouth swelled up so that she couldn't breath that way anymore. That served as a really effective gag. She made small, helpless sounds that helped make us horny again fast.

It was getting dark by the time we got our strength back. We untied Liz, and made her crawl between us, sucking us off while they other spanked her with a whip or a branch or his bare hand. She was so cute! Her tiny body was naked and helpless as we abused her; she made screeching sounds to our direct attentions, and then mewled when we left her alone. Which wasn't often. I was having the best time of my life, and told Pete this. He agreed, forcing his fattened cock through Liz's bruised lips down her throat. I took out the paring knife and started making little drawing on her thighs.

Eventually, Liz collapsed from the pain and suffering. We fucked her unconscious body. She cried out and moaned and whimpered still. Her young body was a mess of cuts and bruises, splattered with blood and cum. Pete pissed on her. I cut her nipples off with the knife. She awoke screaming. I cut of the sound as my hands enclosed her throat. I choked her slowly, letting her get gasps of air before tightening again. Her face started turning red and slowly purple. Her beautiful brown eyes bugged out. Pete inserted his entire arm up her asshole and started to scrape at her insides. Her screaming voice was stopped by my hands. Then, she died, and we spent the night fucking and abusing her dead body before burning her in the morning.

When we got back to Pete's house (his mom had been worried about Liz but hadn't given a shit about us), we remembered we'd forgotten to take pictures... C'est la vie.