CompuServe Newsgroup Ban
Background and details on CompuServe's banning of many Usenet newsgroups due to pressure from the Germany.
Amateur Action BBS
A BBS located in Calfornia charged with obscenity according to "community standards" in Mephis, Tennessee.
Hunt Senators, not lions?
A netnews writer is arrested an jailed without bail for a vitrolic article, in which it is alleged that he "made terrorist threats and threatened a public official".
Electronic Images misc
Misc stuff about electronic images
Dispute about the ACLU
Various Universities
Cornell "75 reasons" controversy
This is currently archived at The Justice On Campus project
CMU censorship
CMU's attempt to ban receiving any discussion or images having to do with sex if they happen to have electronic form.
Penn Papers Destruction
The destruction of an issue of a student newspaper at Penn State
"Jake Baker" story: Fantasy or Threat
Is a story using a real person's name a threat?
Donald Silva v. University of New Hampshire.
The case where a writing professor was fired for "sexual harassment" for two general comments about sex and metaphors. He sued and won.
"Water Buffalo"
The nationally known incident where Eden Jacobowitz was charged with "racial harassment" for describing some black sorority women making noise outside his bedroom as "water buffalo".
MIT cases
A festival of sexual harassment charges and lawsuits! Politics all over.
Erulkar vs Bitran
The Case of The Kissing Professor (MIT, Prof sued for harassment).
Wolff vs. MIT
A lawsuit filed by a conservative female professor alleging MIT's Literature department and Women's Studies Program created a "hostile environment" for her.
Dershowitz vs the Porn Policy
Adam Dershowitz challenged MIT's "Pornography Policy". And won!
The MIT Harassment Guide
Comments on the content
X-rated movies at MIT
The story first-hand
MIT misc
MIT misc
A shouting incident
Penn and Francis Get Framed
Did MIT set out to intimidate two (left-wing) critics?
The Suppressed Freshman Picture Book
See the cover MIT president Charles Vest thought was offensive enough to be forbidden to be sold. It's not "intuitively obvious".
Residence/Orientation rules
No criticism of places allowed.
Does one word turn a fraternity prank into a "hate crime"?

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