List of Censored Groups at Compuserve
The complete list. Note it is NOT just "porngraphy", but includes wire service AP and Reuters news feeds under the names,, Also banned, for example, is, a moderated group dealing with supporting g/l/b youth. The list appears to have been make by searching for any instance of the words "sex", "erotic" OR "gay" in some other list.
CompuServe Press Release
First official statement by CompuServe.
How Bavaria Pushed CompuServe For Censorship
A detailed discussion of the process which led to the ban.
Re: Compuserve lies about the Germans
Contradictions to the original press release.
Wockner Story--CompuServe Bans Gay Message Boards
A report on CompuServe's actions.
Indecency, Usenet, and Queer Youth
Prescient thoughts about a possible ban of by one of its moderators.
Re: Media coverage of CompuServe fiasco
Reactions to the CompuServe ban on by one of its moderators.

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