Penn and Francis Get Framed

Summary: Steve Penn and Ron Francis were two very prominent left-wing student protestors at MIT. After a divestment protest, MIT disciplinary charges were filed against them for assault (Penn), assault and assault and battery on a police officer (Francis), and other items. They were present at the protest, but denied all charges. As the case went on, evidence in their favor was being ignored and suppressed, the purpose of the charges seemed to be political intimidation. They were eventually completely cleared on all counts.


MIT student newspaper article about the disciplinary complaint
News report about the start of the formal disciplinary process.
Claims about the political nature of the complaint
Reasons for why one might think there was abuse of process
Protestors Penn and Francis acquited
Complete vindication on all counts for the two protestors
MIT student newspaper editorial about singling out Penn and Francis
Opposition to the administration's action
Glavin's conduct warrants rebuke
Letter to the Editor of MIT's student newspaper, criticizing the conducted of the MIT Chief of Police

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