Skills that take me here and further


Programming is one of the most important skills in exploration geophysics. My goal as a programmer is not ultimate efficiency, but accuracy, clarity and reusability. I've programmed to solve:
  • Research-size problems in Fortran, C and C++
  • Toy-size problems in Java, Matlab

High performance computing

We deal with large scale parallel computation all the time. I achieve multilevel parallelism using two different approaches:
  • OpenMP + MPI
  • OpenMP + scripts
I found the latter one simpler and easier to debug. It is also more robust against system failures.


At SEP, we take reproducibility seriously. Personally, I benefit a lot from the reproducibility requirements. Often times, the need of reproducing a result comes from the researcher himself/herself. That is why I am always one of the first students who finish their own reproducibility tests.