LaTeX macros for Square Dance Diagrams

LaTeX is a typesetting program for generating beautiful documents; it excels at typesetting complex technical content, such as mathematical expressions, chemical formulae, or textbooks.

In 1988 Larry Denenberg and Stephen Gildea created a macro package for LaTeX which allows it to generate Square Dance diagrams. It has since been extended by others, including Bill Ackerman. We use this macro package at Tech Squares to generate our class handouts; Bill Ackerman and Vic Ceder have typeset books about challenge square dancing using these macros as well.

Questions, comments, thanks, and patches for these macro packages can be directed to the contact address at the bottom of this page.


Version 1.0 of tex-squares.sty.
This is the 2004-02-04 version of tex-squares, obtained from Stephen Gildea. It is compatible with LaTeX2e.


c3-handout.tex (PDF)
This is a C3 class handout, reworked to be an example of the use of the tex-squares package by Stephen in 1991. It could stand to be updated slightly: it uses LaTeX 2.09 compatibility mode.