Call of the Month columns
by Barry Leiba

These are articles about Modern Western Square Dancing. They first appeared in Times Squared, the newsletter of New York City's Times Squares square dance club.

Please look at the information about these columns, their author, and copyright restrictions before you print them.

The columns are copyright ©1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994 by Barry Leiba; for permission to reprint them, please contact the author. No request has been refused yet. Of course, you may print a copy for personal use without specific permission. You may contact the author by e-mail at "".

These columns were originally sponsored on the web by the IAGSDC on space provided by Glyphic Technology. In 2006, Tech Squares took over hosting. Some information in the articles might be out-of-date: remember that Callerlab continues to tweak the program lists and definitions.