Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 9

ACEY DEUCEY: Typical starting formation - waves or lines. Centers trade while the ends circulate.

CROSSFIRE: Typical starting formation - two-faced line. Centers trade while the ends cross fold. All step forward and adjust to a box.

DIAMOND CIRCULATE: Typical starting formation - diamond. Each dancer walks forward into the next position turning 90°. Centers become points and vice versa.

FLIP THE DIAMOND: Typical starting formation - diamond. Points of the diamond flip inward (like an inward trade or run) while the centers diamond circulate. Ends in a wave or line.

LOAD THE BOAT: Typical starting formation - facing lines. Centers pass thru, face out, trade, and pass thru (4 parts). Ends walk forward around the outside passing 3 people (parts 1-3) and face in (part 4). Ends in an eight chain.

SPIN CHAIN THE GEARS: Typical starting formation - waves.

  1. Arm turn 1/2.
  2. Centers arm turn 3/4 while ends U-turn back inward to make a star.
  3. Very centers arm turn 1/2.
  4. Each star of 4 dancers turns 3/4.
  5. Very centers arm turn 1/2.
  6. Centers arm turn 3/4 while the ends U-turn back outwards.
Ends in waves.