Rei's Paper-drawn Stuff

Or, "Yeah, I do use paper and pen sometimes"

Mostly I doodle when I get bored, like in long meetings (or classes, back when I took classes). The top two pen drawings are both the result of a design review meeting (and incidentally neither has anything to do with how I look). Note that both were done on printer banner pages.... :)

Mostly I draw for the heck of it. Someday it would be cool if I were good enough to draw up a real manga (as opposed to the amateur stuff I used to draw). Ha ha ha ha. Yeah, right. (I do suspect this stuff would look better if I had screentone....)

Actually, I do have ideas for some cool manga series. Actually, with age comes doubt as to coolness, but wtf. Most of my novels would be too long and drawn out for me to want to consider manga-fying them (they'd span books and books, and it would take forever to draw)....

I guess for the time I will stick with trying to earn a living and occasionally working on text-based fiction.

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