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This site is dedicated to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of a wide variety of Japanese comic books and animation, whether as fans, researchers, the merely curious, or as fellow artists and writers....

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New for 2005: What's Lost in the Translation? - a look into the Japanese language, and what gets lost in some translations.

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* Some other articles of scholarly bent:
* Japanese language help: * Find places to Buy! * Greg Irwin is fluent in English and Japanese, and brings Japanese traditional songs to an English-speaking audience.
* Shogakukan magazines (publisher of Shonen Sunday). Some animated introductions to Shogakukan children's books (in Japanese). At least three of the books have an environmental message. One teaches children about death. Another relates to war.
* Tezuka Osamu World in Japan. (He was the "father" of modern manga!) And Happy birthday, robot boy (article on Astro Boy/Tetsuwan Atom); also at the NY Times (4/7/03).
* Leiji (Reiji) Matsumoto stuff. * A Parent's Guide to Anime at the Anime Cafe.
* Anime Web Turnpike.
* The new "Guide to Japanese Animation". Masato's Anime-Manga-Launchbase. Also: The Anime Grove. Kaicho's Japanese TV Anime site. Desolator's site. Manga ring. Manga Archive. Hoyoul Kang's site. Anime Uni (United Anime Universe Society). Aioleon the Martian Girl anime site (by request).
* Anime Juku, which will supposedly teach animation techniques over the internet. If you take this let me know how it goes. Also...How to Draw Manga.
* Some colleges/universities: The MIT Anime Club. Berkeley's Anime resources.... University of Michigan's list (Go Blue!).... Japanese Animation Club of Victoria.... Weekly Watchers of Wonderful Anime (what a name!) at the University of Melbourne.
* Some shops: Samurai-Anime. GKorld anime store. Japanimation City link. GT Manga. World Model Direct has anime figures and models. Above All Anime: anime dvds, mangas, graphic novels, wall scrolls, etc.
* The historic, from-1992(!) "Anime homepage"
*, an interesting gathering of otaku. Includes some funny comics. Tonbo's anime rant and Tonbo's lessons....
* Otaku television.
* Diva Lea does manga-influenced comics and here is Friends of Lulu, encouraging female comics readership and authorship.
* Russian artist Serguei's very impressive artwork, with anime influences. He's looking for collaborative projects!
* Kevin Lau's Xin: Legend of the Monkey King... I'm guessing this is just part of a new wave of manga/anime-influenced Western comics. (See also Diva Lea, above.)
* Time Magazine's Asian Heroes includes Doraemon and a look at Makoto Oda. Plus Reuters news on foreign words in Japanese.
* ASIAN POP: Feelin' Ghibli: A retrospective at PFA shows why Disney has a thing or two to (re)learn from Japanese animation kings Miyazaki and Takahata 6/9/05
* covers "Spirited Away" ("Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi") including this insightful interview with Miyazaki, and another one where he says the romances of traditional shojo manga are not offering what girls need. Good Reuters article on the film, USA Today's interview, NY Daily News' take. CNN on Disney and "Spirited Away," CNN/Entertainment Weekly review. Boston Globe on Disney and Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli, plus their "Spirited Away" review and interview with Miyazaki. (Boston Globe covers "Seven Samurai.") Petition to Disney regarding Miyazaki's works. Miyazaki to receive Golden Lion at Venice fest... various news sources have this, but this 2/9/05 forum post is pretty comprehensive.
* My Anime Kibun and other Anime-style designs (Cafepress). There are a number of other anime-esque "shops" at Cafepress, such as Cap'n Stuby, Anime Research, and How to Draw Manga. I bet there's more, too.

Copyright Notice: Images are used as examples of manga art for academic purposes (invoking fair-use clause), and are the properties of the original artists and publishers. Oscar image: Ikeda Riyoko. Locke scene: Hijiri Yuki. Top and bottom color images: yours truly (In looking up copyright law it seems putting up copyrighted works is better than putting up your own versions :)

My Japanese, along with everything else, is hardly perfect. If you find errors anywhere, please feel free to send me a correction. rei (at) mit(dot)edu

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