Middlesex Morris

The above picture was taken at the Somerville Community Growing Center in the late 1990s (probably 1998 or 1999).

Front row: Megan Morris, Anne Cross
Second Row: Jeff Bigler
Third Row: Arabella Liuba, Brian Wilson, Kerstin Haug, Sue Jick, David Roodman
Fourth Row: Bina Arch, Annette Sassi, Mai Pham
Back Row: Forrest Larson, Dan Groher, Jerry Callen, Sean Smith

The following picture was taken at the 1993 Mixed Morris Ale.

There's a graphically
selectable imagemap of the team here.  Guess you can't see it.

in tree: Brian Wilson, Paul Balliet; standing: Lyn Mullen, Danny Spurr, Sue Jick, Charlie Spurr; kneeling: Forrest Larson; seated: Annette Sassi, Dan Groher, Jerry Callen, Jeff Bigler, Bill Bumpus

Not pictured: Anne Cross, Tina Dornbusch, Kerstin Haug, A.J. Liuba, Rowena Nelson, Sean Smith, Marty Wagner, and other team members who have asked that their names not appear on the WWW.

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