Jason Davis is an Associate Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy in the MIT Sloan School of Management where he teaches courses in the strategic management of innovation and entrepreneurship. Jason's research focuses on how organizations develop technological innovations and use them to compete in dynamic markets. Through detailed field studies of innovative relationships between established firms in the computing and communications industry, emerging field and survey research on entrepreneurial innovation on mobile application platforms, and theoretical research using computational simulation and formal models of organizational and network structures, he tries to understand why some firms are much more successful in taking advantage of and creating innovations than others.

Jason earned PhD and MA degrees from Stanford University, where his research was supported by the National Science Foundation. He also earned MS and SB degrees from Caltech and MIT where he did thesis research in computation theory and molecular biology. His research has been published in top academic journals such as the Administrative Science Quarterly and Academy of Management Review. Jason is currently a member of the editorial boards of Organization Science, Academy of Management Journal, and Strategic Organization. He has received multiple research awards including the AOM Academy-Wide Newman Award for Best Paper from a Dissertation (2009), the TIM Division Best Doctoral Dissertation Award (2009), the TIM Division Best Paper Award (2009), and the OMT Division Best Paper Award (2008). He also received an Honorable Mention Award for the Granovetter Prize for best article in Economic Sociology from the American Sociological Association (2012) and won 2nd place for the European Business School best paper award in Innovation Management (2012). Most recently, he was selected as the recipient of the Academy of Management's Technology Innovation Management Emerging Scholar Award (2012). Jason has also consulted, advised, or spoken about his research at multiple high-tech companies including Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Broadcom, ESI, Sun Microsystems, Tesla Motors, and various startups. Please note my updated contact info.

Selected Publications

Davis, J. P. and Eisenhardt, K. M. 2011. Rotating Leadership and Collaborative Innovation: Recombination Processes in Symbiotic Relationships." Administrative Science Quarterly 56: 159-201. (pdf)
Online Appendix (pdf)

Davis, J. P., Eisenhardt, K. M., & Bingham, C. B. 2009. Optimal Structure, Market Dynamism, and the Strategy of Simple Rules." Administrative Science Quarterly 54: 413-452. (pdf)

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