Some Recent Papers

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On The Fourier Coefficients of High-Dimensional Random Geometric Graphs
Algorithmic Decorrelation and Planted Clique in Dependent Random Graphs: The Case of Extra Triangles
Random Algebraic Graphs and Their Convergence to Erdos-Renyi
Metastable Mixing of Markov Chains: Efficiently Sampling Low Temperature Exponential Random Graphs
Chow-Liu++: Optimal Prediction-Centric Learning of Tree Ising Models
The Algorithmic Phase Transition of Random k-SAT for Low Degree Polynomials
De Finetti-Style Results for Wishart Matrices: Combinatorial Structure and Phase Transitions
Statistical Query Algorithms and Low-Degree Tests Are Almost Equivalent
Reducibility and Statistical-Computational Gaps from Secret Leakage
Sharp Representation Theorems for ReLU Networks with Precise Dependence on Depth
Phase Transitions for Detecting Latent Geometry in Random Graphs
The Average-Case Complexity of Counting Cliques in Erdős-Rényi Hypergraphs


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