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The Grid are Dave Ball and Richard Norris, makers of great ambient, techno and dance music. 

This English duo's hybrid of electronic and acoustic instruments, with vocals and without, has
synthed & synched & dubbed its way through earphones, bodies and clubs since sometime
between house music's firing up and electronica's cool arrival.



The Grids first album reissued August 2013 with bonus disc!

Electric Head: Expanded Collector’s Edition

Release date in U.K.: August 12 or 19, 2013


LABEL: SFE (Strike Force Entertainment) / Cherry Red Records




Disc 1: original track listing from 1990 release

1. One Giant Step

2. Interference

3. Are You Receiving

4. Islamatron

5. The Traffic

6. Driving Instructor

7. A Beat Called Love

8. The First Stroke

9. Central Locking

10. Intergalactica

11. Beautiful And Profound

12. This Must Be Heaven

13. Machine Delay

14. Doctor Celine

15. Typical Waterloo Sunset

16. Strange Electric Sun

17. Floatation

18. Virtual 

Disc 2: all commercially released remixes & some previously unreleased tracks


1. Floatation (Single Edit - Remixed By Andrew Weatherall)
2. Floatation (Subsonic Grid Mix) [by Andrew Weatherall & Richard Norris]
3. Floatation (Sonic Swing Mix) [by Andrew Weatherall]
4. Floatation (Progressive Mix) [by Oli Max & DJ Shapps]
5. A Beat Called Love (Single Edit) [same as 7” version mixed by
       Bob Kraushaar or previously unreleased?]
6. A Beat Called Love (A Beat Called Club) [additional instrumentation:
       Pete Heller / mixed by Pete Heller & Terry Farley]
7. A Beat Called Love (A Beat Called Dub) [additional instrumentation:
       Pete Heller / mixed by Pete Heller & Terry Farley]
8. Islamatron (Version Voltage)
9. This Must Be Heaven (12" Mix)
10. This Must Be Heaven (Robert Gordon 7" Mix) *
11. This Must Be Heaven (Robert Gordon 12" Mix) *
* There is conflicting information on the last two tracks on Disc 2:
some sites list them as the previously unreleased 7” & 12” mixes of
‘This Must Be Heaven’ and some list them as mixes of ‘The Man with
Everything’ (a previously unreleased track?).

some vendors of this magical release:

In U.K.
Cherry Red
Piccadilly Records
Rough Trade

In U.S.
Best Buy




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