Freedom of Expression Satire and Humor

America OnLine Vulgarity Guidelines
Want to know exactly what's vulgar? AOL will explain it to you at great length.
Also see AOL's approved and disapproved screen names and AOL's TOSSING of Comedienne Margaret Cho.
Avoid Foul Language!
Phrases for our modern age ...
Driving Drunk on the Information SuperHighway
The John Dvorak April Fools instant classic. Real censorship proposals are close enough to this so that many people took it seriously.
A ratings partnership with the Inquisition
A parody press release, but only slightly so. The truth is no stranger to the fiction.
The License Plate
There are so many ways of making a political statement ...
Socialism as Pornography
"What about my right to not be indoctrinated?"
Grim Peril For Minors
See what shocking stories are available to little children!
Canadian Underwear
How Woody Allen movies and newsgroups bans are related.
Satanic T-shirts
Fighting back against T-shirt censors.
A stand-up comedy bit about censorware
Imagine Bob Newhart's style applied to programs which lock out sites.
Sherman and Peabody learn about censorware
Who makes the lists? ...
The V-bookcode: V-chip rating system extended to books
If it works for TV, why not for print?
How card decks are sexist
Bad messages are everywhere.
The Interview
The logical conclusion if the theories of censorship advocates were correct.
The Exon Song
All the news programs seemed to be singing it in 1995 ...
Exon-ify Your Language!
A program to translate both to and from Exon-ese.
The Top Ten Reasons Senator Exon is trying to censor the 'Net
This'll probably be illegal if his bill passes ...
Exon Smut
Life after the Communications Decency Act.

Fear and Loathing of the Internet

The Perils of Book Addiction
Why regulation of reading is a vital government function.
The Red-Light District of the Information SuperLibrary
What can you see if you take a wrong turn down the aisles?
Houston Comical Slams Public Libraries as "pornography ring"
Library Porno: a card catalog away.
Kiddie-Porn - The FAQ (PARODY)
But what about "Child Pornography"?!
The Internet: A Short Guide For Reporters And Journalists
This claims to be a parody, but it's so accurate it must really be a leak - how else to explain the typical news report?
Marketing Death On The Information Superhighway
An insidious pre-electronic medium for pornography
Hard to believe, but there are other channels besides the Internet.

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