About Us

The MIT Canadians club is a diverse group of MIT students, faculty and staff. We meet regularly to arrange social, professional, and cultural events. We are always looking for volunteers to help organize and run events. To get more involved in the club, send us an email! (canadians-owner :at: mit.edu)

Club leadership

Danielle Pace
Picture of Danielle Pace
Danielle is a native of Aurora, Ontario. She completed her B.CmpH in Biomedical Computing from Queen's University in 2007, and M.E.Sc in Biomedical Engineering from Western University in 2010. After working as a Research and Development Engineer at Kitware Inc for three years in North Carolina, she joined the PhD program in EECS at MIT. Her research is in medical image analysis, and in particular focuses on extracting heart surface models from cardiac MRI in children with congenital heart defects.
David Kim
Picture of David Kim
David was born in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He went to University of Waterloo for BASc in Mechanical Engineering with Management Science Option. He started his graduate studies at MIT in 2013. He completed his Masters in 2015 and he is now a Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering. His field of study focuses on Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Robotics. He loves ice cream which led him to invent ice cream 3D printer with his friends. Outside of work, he loves to play tennis, badminton and squash.
Brendan Smith
Picture of Brendan Smith
Brendan is a fouth year graduate student in the Materials Science and Engineering program. He grew up in Kamloops, B.C., and graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Nanotechnology Engineering. His research at MIT involves exploring new materials for applications in water and energy. He loves travelling, sports, meeting new people, and spending time in nature!