Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 8

CENTERS IN: Typical starting formation - completed double pass thru. Ends slide apart without turning to make room for the centers, who step forward in between the ends to become centers of a line. Ends in lines.

DIXIE STYLE TO A WAVE: Typical starting formation - facing couples. The dancers on the right step forward to make a momentary double pass thru formation, right pull by, and left touch 1/4 with the others. Ends in a left-hand wave.

FAN THE TOP: Typical starting formation - wave. Centers arm turn 3/4 while the ends move up in a 90° arc to be ends of a wave.

RECYCLE: Typical starting formation - wave. Centers fold behind the ends, and all walk 1/4 of the way around the center of their box and face in. Ends in facing couples.

SPIN CHAIN THRU: Typical starting formation - waves.

  1. Arm turn 1/2.
  2. Centers arm turn 3/4.
  3. Very centers arm turn 1/2.
  4. Centers arm turn 3/4.
Ends in waves.

TAG THE LINE: Typical starting formation - wave or line. Dancers face the center of the 4 person line. Dancers extend until they have a completed double pass thru (4 times), and if a direction is given, face that direction (for example, Tag the Line Right). If a fraction (N/4) is specified, dancers extend N times.

1/2 TAG: Typical starting formation - waves or lines. Dancers face the center of the 4 person line and extend 2 times. Ends in parallel waves.

WALK AND DODGE: Typical starting formation - mini-wave box. Trailers box circulate while the leaders slide over without turning into the vacated position. Ends in couples back to back. From facing couples, the caller may designate dancers to perform each action (for example, men walk, ladies dodge). Ends in a mini-wave box.