Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 8

CENTERS IN: Starting formation - where ever there is a couple with their backs to the center of the set facing or standing behind another couple (e.g., eight chain thru, completed double pass thru). The outside dancers step apart as the centers step forward and between them to form a line.

DIXIE STYLE TO A WAVE: Starting formation - facing couples or facing tandems. From facing couples, the right-hand dancer steps forward and to the left to become the lead dancer in a tandem. Then, from tandems, lead dancers join right hands and pull by. Moving to the other trailing dancer, each extends a left hand and touches to a left hand mini-wave and turns one quarter (90°). New center dancers join right hands and form a left-hand ocean wave.

FAN THE TOP: Starting formation - ocean wave or two-faced lines. The centers of the line or wave turn three quarters (270°) while the outside dancers move forward in a quarter circle. The ending formation is at right angles to the starting formation. Centers remain centers and ends remain ends.

RECYCLE: Starting formation - ocean wave. Centers move forward in a small semi-circle to stand behind the adjacent end. All four dancers walk forward one quarter of a circle in a smooth arc, then all turn in place one quarter (90°) toward the foursome. End as facing couples.

SPIN CHAIN THRU: Starting formation - parallel waves. Each end and the adjacent center dancer turn one half. The new centers of each ocean wave turn three quarters to make a new ocean wave across the set. The two centers of this wave turn one half to reform the wave across the set. The two outside pairs of dancers of the center wave now turn three quarters to join the waiting ends and form parallel ocean waves.

TAG THE LINE: Starting formation - any line with an even number of dancers. Each dancer turns individually to face the center of the line. Taking a short side step to the left, dancers walk forward passing right shoulders with oncoming dancers until they have walked past all of the dancers from the other half of the line. The call may be followed by any one of the directions In, Out, Right or Left. When this happens, dancers turn in place one quarter (90°) in the direction indicated.

HALF TAG: Starting formation - any line with an even number of dancers. Like tag the line, except the dancers stop walking forward when the original center from each side of the line meets the original end from the other side. If started from a four-person line, the ending is a right-hand box circulate formation; from longer lines the ending is a right-hand column formation.

3/4 TAG THE LINE: Starting formation - any line with four dancers. Like tag the line, except dancers stop in a 3/4 tag formation, with lead dancers facing out and trailers in a wave or mini-wave between the out-facing dancers.

WALK AND DODGE: Starting formation - box circulate or facing couples. From box circulate formation, each dancer facing into the box walks forward to take the place of the dancer who was directly in front of them. Meanwhile, each dancer facing out of the box steps sideways (dodges) into the position vacated by the dancer who was formerly beside them. Dancers end side by side, both facing out. If walk and dodge is called from facing couples, the caller must designate who is to walk and who is to dodge (e.g., ``men walk, ladies dodge''). End in a box circulate formation.