Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 7

ALAMO STYLE WAVE: Alamo style is a formation of an even number of dancers in a circle holding adjacent hands and with each dancer facing in an opposite direction to that of the adjoining dancers.

BALANCE: Starting formation - wave. Each dancer steps forward and pauses while bringing the other foot forward without transferring weight. Each steps back on the free foot and pauses while touching the other foot beside it.

CIRCLE TO A LINE: Starting formation - facing couples. Couples circle left one half (180°). The lead dancer in the couple who started on the inside (man's position) releases the left handhold, but retains the handhold of the dancer on his right to become the left end dancer of the line. The released dancer moves forward under the raised arm arch formed by that dancer and the adjacent dancer turning left face gradually under her own left arm (so that instead of backing up she is moving forward) to become the right end dancer in the line.

CROSS FOLD: Starting formation - line, two-faced line, or wave. The directed (active) dancers, who must either both be centers or both be ends, fold toward the farthest inactive dancer by walking in a semi-circle to end facing toward that dancer. When the active dancers are both facing the same direction, they move forward in a semi-circle, pass right shoulders with each other and fold toward the inactive dancer.

EIGHT CHAIN THRU (1-8 hands): Starting formation - eight chain thru. Facing dancers join right hands and pull by (this completes an eight chain one). The center facing dancers join left hands and pull by while the outside dancers do a courtesy turn (this completes an eight chain two). Repeat these actions in sequence to achieve eight chain three, eight chain four, etc. Eight chain thru is the same as eight chain eight.

FOLD: Starting formation - any two-dancer formation in which the directed dancer has a shoulder directly adjacent to the other dancer. Directed dancers step forward and move in a small semi-circle to end facing toward an adjacent dancer or position. The adjacent inactive dancer may be facing in any direction and does not move. If not specified, centers fold toward ends and vice versa.

SLIDE THRU: Starting formation - facing dancers. Dancers pass thru then turn one quarter (90°). Men always turn right; women always turn left. Dancers end side by side.

SPIN THE TOP: Starting formation - ocean wave. Each end and the adjacent center dancer turn one half (180°). The new center dancers turn three quarters (270°) while each outside dancer moves forward in a quarter circle to meet the same center dancer with whom they started. End in an ocean wave that is at right angles to the original starting wave.