Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 6

CLOVERLEAF: Typical starting formation - completed double pass thru. Leaders turn away from each other and walk forward in an arc turning 270° to end facing in the center. Trailers follow the leaders, going through the same motions, to end behind the leaders. Ends in a beginning double pass thru. If only some dancers are designated, the designated dancers do the leaders' part without stepping into the center, while the others step forward into the center.

CAST OFF 3/4: Typical starting formation - couple or mini-wave. From a mini-wave, dancers arm turn 3/4 pivoting around their joined hands. Ends in a mini-wave. From a couple, the centers walk forward in a 270° arc around their handhold while the ends back up. Ends in a couple facing in.

DOUBLE PASS THRU: Typical starting formation - beginning double pass thru. Dancers walk forward passing right shoulders with two dancers. Ends in a completed double pass thru.

FIRST COUPLE GO LEFT/RIGHT NEXT COUPLE GO LEFT/RIGHT: Typical starting formation - completed double pass thru. Working as a unit, the first couple flips toward the given direction, while the next couple walks forward and flips toward the second direction. If directions were opposite, dancers adjust to end in facing lines. If directions were the same, ends in promenade.

PASS TO THE CENTER: Typical starting formation - eight chain. All pass thru, and the new ends partner trade. Ends in a beginning double pass thru.

ROLLAWAY: Typical starting formation - couple. The right-hand dancer moves forward toward their partner turning 360° to end on the other side of their partner. The original left-hand dancer slides over to the right. Ends in a couple with the dancers having switched positions.

SINGLE FILE PROMENADE: Typical starting formation - columns or single file promenade. Dancers walk forward single file in promenade direction. On Single File Promenade Home dancers stop when they get home and face in. Ends in single file promenade or squared set.

BACKTRACK: Typical starting formation - single file promenade. Designated dancers flip away from center 180° and walk around the outside in the opposite direction while centers continue to single file promenade.

SLIP THE CLUTCH: Typical starting formation - thar or parallel waves. Centers and ends drop hands with each other and move up halfway to the next position. From waves, this is equivalent to 1/2 circulate.