Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 6

BACKTRACK: Starting formation - single dancer. The dancer does a U turn back by stepping out and turning away from partner or the center of the set.

CLOVERLEAF: Starting formation - completed double pass thru, or a single couple on the outside of the square, facing out. The lead dancers separate and move away from each other in a three-quarter (270°) circle. When each lead dancer meets another lead dancer from the other side of the square, they become partners and step forward to the center of the square. Each trailing dancer follows the dancer in front of them and ends directly behind that dancer. A single couple facing out does the lead dancer's part as described, but they may not step all the way into the center at the end of the call.

CAST OFF THREE QUARTERS: Starting formation - any wave or line. Each half of the line or wave works as a unit and moves three quarters (270°) around a pivot point between the two dancers. If the adjoining dancers are facing the same direction, the end dancer backs up while the center dancer walks forward. If the adjoining dancers are facing in opposite directions, both move forward equally.

DOUBLE PASS THRU: Starting formation - double pass thru. Dancers move forward, passing right shoulders with two other dancers to finish facing away from the center of the set in a completed double pass thru formation.

PASS TO THE CENTER: Starting formation - eight chain thru, parallel waves. All pass thru. The dancers now on the outside partner trade. End in double pass thru formation.

ROLLAWAY: Starting formation - couple. The directed dancer, or if not specified the dancer on the right, rolls across a full turn (360°) in front of the dancer on the left, as the dancer on the left sidesteps to the right to exchange places. From a circle, unless otherwise directed, the ladies roll left across in front of the men.

SINGLE FILE PROMENADE: Starting formation - single file promenade. Dancers move forward in single file counterclockwise or clockwise around the circle, as directed.

SLIP THE CLUTCH: Starting formation - thar or wrong way thar. Dancers in the center of the thar stop and, while retaining the star, release armholds with the dancers beside them. Everyone then moves forward within the circle in which they were traveling while in the thar.