Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 4

ALLEMANDE THAR: An allemande thar star is a formation and may be formed at the end of any left arm turn by the center dancers (or those directed) forming a right hand box star and backing up. Each outside dancer holds the left forearm of a center dancer and walks forward.

WRONG WAY THAR: A wrong way thar is a formation and may be formed at the end of any right arm turn by the center dancers (or those directed) forming a left hand box star and backing up. Outside dancers hold the right forearm of a center dancer and walk forward.

DO PASO: Starting formation - circle of two or more couples. Each dancer faces partner or directed dancer and does a left arm turn half (180°) to face in the opposite direction. Releasing armholds and moving forward, each dancer goes to the corner for a right arm turn half (180°). Each returns to the starting partner to courtesy turn to face the center of the set or to follow the next call.

PASS THE OCEAN: Starting formation - facing couples. Dancers pass thru, turn in to face their partners and step to a right hand ocean wave.

SEE SAW: Starting formation - facing dancers, square or circle. When preceded by Walk Around Your Corner, each dancer walks forward and around the partner keeping left shoulders adjacent, then steps forward to face the corner. In all other cases, it is a left shoulder dosado.

SHOOT THE STAR: Starting formation - thar or wrong way thar. The handholds forming the center star are released as each center dancer and the adjacent outside dancer arm turn one half (180°) or full (360°) as directed. If half or full is not directed, the arm turn is one half.

LEFT-HAND STAR/RIGHT-HAND STAR: Starting formation - facing dancers, facing couples, square, or circle. The directed dancers step forward and extend designated hands to form a left- or right-hand star. Dancers turn the star by walking forward in a circle around the center of the star. Turning distance of the star may be specified in fractions of one quarter, one half, three quarters, or a complete revolution.

TRADE BY: Starting formation - trade by or any formation in which two couples are facing each other and the other couples are facing out. The couples facing each other pass thru; the couples facing out do a partner trade to face in.

WALK AROUND YOUR CORNER: Starting formation - square or circle. All dancers face their corner, walk forward and around each other while keeping right shoulders adjacent, and return to face their partner.

WHEEL AROUND: Starting formation - couple. The couple, working as a unit, turns around (180°). The left-hand dancer backs up while the right-hand dancer moves forward. The pivot point is the handhold between the two dancers.