Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 3

BOX THE GNAT: Starting formation - facing dancers (man and lady). Dancers step forward, join and then raise their right hands. The lady steps forward and does a left-face U turn back under the raised joined hands, as the man walks forward and around the lady while doing a right-face U turn back. Dancers end facing each other, each in the other's starting position.

CIRCULATE: Starting formation - waves, lines or two-faced lines. The center dancer facing in walks straight forward to become a center of the other line. The center dancer facing out flips over to take the spot vacated by the other center dancer of their line. The end dancer facing in walks straight forward to become an end of the other line. The end dancer facing out walks forward in an arc to face in at the other end of their line. Centers stay centers; ends stay ends.

SINGLE FILE CIRCULATE: Starting formation - columns. The #1 (lead) dancer in the column flips over to become the last dancer in the other column. The other three dancers in the column walk forward to take the next position in their column.

DIVE THRU: Starting formation - facing couples (man and lady). The couple whose back is to the center of the square (unless a specific couple is directed) makes an arch by raising their joined inside hands. The other couple ducks under the arch and moves forward. The couple making the arch moves forward and does a California twirl.

RUN: Starting formation - any two-dancer formation in which the directed dancer has a shoulder directly adjacent to the other dancer. The directed (active) dancer moves forward in a semi-circle (180°) around an adjacent (inactive) dancer to end in the adjacent dancer's starting position. Meanwhile, the inactive dancer, who may be facing in any direction, adjusts by stepping (without changing facing direction) into the vacated starting position of the active dancer. Active dancers doing the run have reversed their original facing direction. If the direction to run is not specified (right or left) and if the active dancer has an inactive dancer on each side, then centers run around ends and ends run around centers. Runs from an alamo circle are to the right unless otherwise directed.

SINGLE HINGE: Starting formation - mini-wave. Dancers do half of a trade with each other to end in a mini wave at right angles to the original mini wave.

SWING THRU/LEFT SWING THRU: Starting formation - ocean wave or facing couples. If necessary, step forward into a momentary ocean wave. Then those who can, turn by the right one half (180°), then those who can, turn by the left one half (180°). Left Swing Thru is similar to swing thru except that it is started by the left and then by the right. If left swing thru is desired, it must be specifically directed ``left swing thru.''

TOUCH 1/4: Starting formation - facing dancers. Dancers touch (step forward and join right hands) and without stopping turn one quarter (90°) by the right.

WRONG WAY GRAND: Like Right and Left Grand, but men move clockwise and ladies move counterclockwise.

ZOOM: Starting formation - any formation in which one dancer follows another. The lead dancers (or those designated) walk away from their adjacent dancer (from single file promenade, move away from the center of the set) and around in a full circle (360°) to the position of the dancer who was directly behind them. Meanwhile, the other dancers step directly forward into the position vacated. All dancers end facing in the same direction they started.