Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 2

CHAIN DOWN THE LINE: Starting formation - any four-dancer line where the centers have right hands joined. Centers trade while ends adjust as necessary. Then the ends courtesy turn the centers. Finish in facing couples.

FOUR BOYS/GIRLS PROMENADE: Starting formation - squared set. The designated dancers walk forward in single file counterclockwise inside the set.

LADIES IN, MEN SASHAY: Starting formation - circle or line with alternating men and ladies. With all dancers facing in, the ladies step forward and pause, while the men move to the left behind and past one lady. Ladies step back and rejoin hands with the men. If the circle is moving to the right, the men sashay to the right.

LEAD RIGHT/LEFT: Starting formation - couple. As a unit, the couple takes a step forward, turns to the right or left 90° as directed and steps forward. Facing couples end back to back. On Lead Right, the left-side dancers pass left shoulders with each other; on Lead Left, the right-side dancers pass right shoulders.

SEPARATE: Starting formation - couple. The dancers in the couple turn back to back with each other and walk forward around the outside of the square. The distance traveled is determined by the next call. Those not active will move forward to get out of the way so that those moving will not have so far to go.

SPLIT TWO: Starting formation - facing couples. The active or directed couple moves forward between the outside couple who sidesteps slightly away from each other to let them through then sidesteps back together again.

SQUARE THRU/LEFT SQUARE THRU: Starting formation - facing couples. For a Square Thru, facing dancers join right hands and pull by. Turn in one quarter (90°), join left hands with new facing dancer and pull by. Turn in one quarter (90°) and join right hands with facing dancer and pull by. Turn in one quarter (90°), join left hands and pull by. Variations may be specified by fractions or by the number of hands, e.g., half square thru is the same as square thru two hands. In all cases, do not turn after the last pull by. Left Square Thru is similar to square thru except that it is started with the left hand and hands are alternated accordingly. If left square thru is desired, it must be specifically directed ``left square thru.''

SWING YOUR PARTNER: Starting formation - facing dancers (man and lady). Dancers step forward offset to the left. Men - left arm bent at the elbow, palm slightly up, right hand on lady's back near the shoulder blade. Posture should be erect. Ladies - right hand palm down on man's left hand, left hand on man's right shoulder, arm resting on man's right arm. Right foot moves in small steps around the pivot point between the two dancers while the left foot pushes, as in a scooter motion. Dancers move around each other clockwise once around. To break out of the swing, lady rolls off man's right arm or twirls (lady's option) until facing the same direction as the man; the dancers form a couple. To twirl, the man raises his left hand over the lady's head, holding lady's right hand loosely; her hand revolves around his for stability as she turns clockwise.

U TURN BACK: Starting formation - single dancer. The dancer does an in-place about-face turn (180°), turning toward partner unless the body flow dictates otherwise. If alone (i.e., no partner), the dancer turns toward the center of the set. Dancers facing directly toward or away from the center of the set may turn in either direction.