Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 12

CHASE RIGHT: Starting formation - couples back-to-back. Right-hand dancers do an exaggerated zoom action, moving into the position previously occupied by the right-hand dancer diagonally behind them, to finish facing in the same direction as when they started the zoom action. (The net result is the same as if the right-hand dancer had done a right-face U turn back and box circulate twice). The left-hand dancer follows (``chases'') the right-hand dancer by doing a box circulate two positions. The call finishes in a box circulate formation.

PEEL THE TOP: Starting formation - box circulate or Z. The lead dancers peel off as the trailing dancers step straight forward and take adjacent hands; everyone then does a fan the top.

(ANYTHING) AND SPREAD: Starting formation - various. If only some dancers are active (e.g., heads star thru and spread), they slide apart sideways to become ends, as the inactive dancers step forward between them. If the (anything) call finishes in lines or waves, (e.g., follow your neighbor) the centers slide apart sideways to become the new ends, while the original ends move into the nearest center position. If the (anything) call finishes in tandem couples (e.g., wheel and deal from a line of four), the lead dancers slide apart sideways, while the trailing dancers step forward between them.

TEACUP CHAIN: Starting formation - square. During a teacup chain, all four ladies will move to each of the men in the square in turn, progressing in promenade direction. The call ends when they return to the man where they started. All ladies start with the right hand and alternate hands thereafter. Men use whatever hand is necessary so that the women can alternate hands.

The caller will designate the position from which the ladies move to the center, e.g., ``Head ladies center for a teacup chain.'' Whenever a lady reaches that position, she will move to the center, arm turn with her opposite lady 3/4 or 1 1/4 as necessary to reach the next man in sequence, and then arm turn with that man. The ladies in the other position (at the side position in the example above) move around the perimeter of the square to the next man and arm turn with him. This action repeats for a total of four times, with each lady alternating parts, i.e., alternating between arm turning with her opposite lady in the center and moving around the perimeter. The last arm turn, which would be by the left with partner, is replaced by a courtesy turn to end in a squared up set.

TRACK II: Starting formation - completed double pass thru. The dancers work in tandem, that is, the trailing dancers follow the lead dancers. Right-hand dancers move single file to the left, counter-clockwise, staying to the inside of the left-hand dancers, who move single file, clockwise, to the right on the outside. After they have turned 180°, dancers walk straight forward until they have reached parallel right-hand ocean waves.