Tech Squares Class

Definitions for Week 11

COORDINATE: Starting formation - columns. All dancers single file circulate once and a half. The center six (three adjacent pairs) trade (turn 180°). The very center two dancers release handholds and walk diagonally outward to the end of the forming lines. The two lonesome dancers walk ahead, moving in a quarter circle, to become the other ends of the forming lines.

CUT THE DIAMOND: Starting formation - diamond. The centers of the diamond do a diamond circulate while the points slide together and trade. Ends in a line or wave.

FOLLOW YOUR NEIGHBOR: Starting formation - box circulate. Dancers facing in step straight forward, join adjacent forearms with the one they meet, and turn three-quarters (270°) to become centers of a new wave. At the same time, the dancers facing out follow their ``neighbor'' by moving forward in a three-quarter looping turn (270°), turning towards their ``neighbor'' to finish as the ends of the new ocean wave.

(ANYTHING) AND ROLL: Starting formation - various. Turn individually, in place, one quarter (90°) more in the direction of body flow determined by the last part of the preceding call. Dancers walking in a straight line at the completion of their portion of the preceding call do nothing for the roll.

SPIN CHAIN AND EXCHANGE THE GEARS: Starting formation - parallel ocean waves. Start like a spin chain the gears--ends and adjacent centers turn 1/2, new centers turn 3/4, while the ends U turn back, and the very two centers of the wave trade. All form two stars (but before turning them, the out-facing point should raise a hand, indicating ``follow me''--they will be the leaders of the exchange) and turn the stars 3/4. The leaders of the exchange (now the very centers) lead the star out around the outside of the other star, like an S pattern. When the star has advanced 3/4 of the way into the position of the other star, the first (the leader of the exchange) and third dancers in the star U turn back toward the center of the star to become centers of a wave. The other dancers advance one more star position to become ends of a wave.

TRADE THE WAVE: Starting formation - any four-dancer ocean wave. Dancers facing the same direction in the wave trade with each other. Right-hand waves become left-hand waves and vice versa. Ends of the wave become centers and vice versa.