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X PRIZE Grand Challenges Design Workshop


Why apply?

The X PRIZE Foundation is developing new prizes to focus innovation around "Grand Challenge" themes, including genomics, energy, healthcare, and education. In 2004, the Ansari X PRIZE for suborbital spaceflight captured the public's imagination and revolutionized an industry, leveraging a $10M prize purse into over $100M in innovation. 

Students in this seminar will work in tandem with the X PRIZE Foundation to examine the types of innovation best supported by incentive prizes, and to help design possible future prizes.

Weekly workshops will be a mixture of lectures and discussions on innovation, incentive structures, and opportunities for revolution in healthcare and appropriate biomedical technologies.  The course will be highly action-oriented and interactive. As a term project, teams of 3-5 students will work to further explore this Grand Challenge theme and to develop a fully-formed X PRIZE concept.


Who should apply?

If you want to tackle the world’s biggest problems in a way that allows you to experience the university without disciplinary boundaries, please apply!

Backgrounds in business, engineering, science, and medicine all welcomed. Note: the X-Prize Workshop is now an E&I elective.

The class will meet Fridays, 9-12AM.


How to apply?

Application for this full semester, 6-unit workshop is open to all graduate students as well as select upperclass undergraduates with the instructor's permission.  In order to maximize student access to guest lecturers and design topics, enrollment is limited to 20 members.

For more information, please see: Applying.


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