Photonics and Modern Electro-Magnetics Group: GROUP MEMBERS Principal Investigator

    Prof. Marin Soljacic


    Dr. Thomas Christensen
    Dr. Yichen Shen

PhD students

    Josue Lopez
    Yi Yang
    Nicholas H Rivera
    Charles Roques-Carmes
    Li Jing
    Peter Lu
    Sam Kim

Research Assistant

    Jamison Sloan

Undergraduate students

    Hengameh Bagherianlemraski

Former postdocs and PhD Students

    Dr. Gilles Rosolen(postdoc at Universite de Mons)
    Dr. Scott Skirlo(US Air Force)
    Dr. Ognjen Ilic (postdoc at Caltech)
    Dr. Chia Wei Hsu (postdoc at Yale)
    Dr. Jeongwon Lee (quantitative researcher Citadel Investment Group)
    Dr. Adrian Y.X.Yeng (scientist at WiTricity Corporation)
    Dr. Veronika Rinnerbauer (senior post-doc at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria)
    Dr. Wenjun Qiu (quantitative researcher Citadel Investment Group)
    Dr. Song Liang Chua (scientist with DSO national laboratories, Singapore)
    Dr. Andre Kurs (scientist at WiTricity Corporation)
    Dr. David Duchesne
    Prof. Prineha Narang (Prof. at Harvard)
    Prof. Ido Kaminer (Prof. at Technion)
    Prof. Bo Zhen(Prof. at U.Penn)
    Prof. Dario Jukic (Prof. at University of Zagreb)
    Prof. Ling Lu (Prof. at Chinese Academy of Science, China)
    Prof. Marinko Jablan (Prof. at U.Zagreb, Croatia; PhD co-advised with Prof. Hrvoje Buljan)
    Prof. Rafif Hamam (Prof. at University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia)
    Prof. Jorge Bravo Abad (Prof. at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)
    Prof. Yidong Chong (Prof. at NTU, Singapore)
    Prof. Peter Rakich (Prof. at Yale)
    Prof. Zheng Wang (Prof. at UT Austin)

Some photos of the group

Celebration of Lunar New Year, January 2012.
Left to right: Marin, Ognjen, Adrian, Veronika, David, Wade, Song, Zhiyu, Yichen, Wenjun, and Bo.

Celebration of Wenjun's thesis defense, October 2012.
Left to right: Veronika, Song, Dario, Adrian, Ognjen, Wenjun, Wade, Marin, Bo, Yichen, Zhiyu, John, and Ling.

Trip to Suzhou (China), May 2013.
Left to right: Jeongwon, Ling, Marin, and Wade.

Celebration of Lunar New Year, March 2015.

Summer outing, June 2015.

Celebration of Lunar New Year, February 2016.

Goodbye party for Ling, May 2016.

Summer outing, July 2016.

Summer outing, July 2016 [Van Gogh; Deep Dreaming].

Summer outing, July 2016 [Monet; Deep Dreaming].

Celebration of Lunar New Year, February 2017.