About SGS:

What is SGS?

The MIT Strategic Games Society is a club devoted to playing games of all types, including board games, card games, role-playing games, and the occasional war game.

Why “Strategic”?

When first founded, SGS was focused on war games. Since then, it has evolved with its members interests to focus more on board games. Note that these are not “family” board games like Monopoly; we currently focus on more involved, higher-strategy games along the German model (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German-style_board_game).


SGS has two branches. The first branch focuses on board games and card games, and meets every Friday at 7PM in MIT Building 50-316 (Walker Memorial Hall, Floor 3, Room 16). Gaming sessions typically go until around 12-2 AM. For more information about the board game branch of SGS, contact the officers.

The role-playing groups meet in the first floor classrooms of Building 66 (the triangle building), although they sometime meet on the second or third floors of Building 26 if their rooms get pre-empted by other activities. For more information about the role-playing branch of SGS and to subscribe to the mailing list to be notified about the current room reservations for the RPG side please contact Stephani Smith. Some of the more regular running games are listed here

The rest of the rooms are used for ad-hoc gaming sessions on a first come first serve basis. If you plan on running a regular game, please contact Stephani Smith so that she can schedule your regular room.


Membership is free for MIT and Wellesley students, and $5/year for everyone else. We generally don't insist that people join SGS until they start showing up regularly to play games. We do have a certain responsibility to our members and to MIT, so if you come regularly, we want to know who's who, etc.

Being an SGS member does confer several benefits. First of all, you can check out games from our extensive collection (about 600 games at last count, including many out of print titles).  Second, you have a voice in our games-purchasing decisions.

Additionally, we have partnered with some local retailers to allow for discounts on purchases in their stores by presenting a current MIT:SGS Membership card. We have recently made arrangements for a 10% discount on purchases made at Toys N Things in Danvers, MA.

Playing Games

Generally, SGS operates very informally. People show up, agree on a game to play, and off they go. If you're interested in learning a new game, either of these two procedures can work. If you just show up at an SGS meeting, members will be happy to teach you a game that they're going to play. You can also "advertise" through the SGS-members mailing list for a specific game.

You will generally do best if you are willing to play more games. Everyone has their favorites but learning new games is fun as well and being open to new games is the best attitude.

To recap a key point: no prior experience is necessary to join! We are very friendly to new people.

For more detailed information on SGS, look over the rest of the SGS web pages.

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