RSA Email Lists - Online Subscription System

Note: To defeat address-harvesting email abusers, we edited all email list addresses from this page by replacing each "@" with "#" and each "." from the domain name with ";". Please apply the obvious inverse function when using them.

RSA maintains three moderated email lists for announcements regarding events that are potentially interesting for the Romanian community at MIT and around. These lists are reserved for people living in the Greater Boston area at the moment of their subscription. Each list is embedded within the next. That means that at any given point you can be a member of only one of these three lists:

  • The RSA MIT email list rsa-mit#mit;edu: Choose this list only if you are affiliated with MIT, for example if you are an MIT student, faculty or alum. This list was created for announcements and discussions inside the MIT Romanian community. Those who are on this list also get messages sent to the two lists below, so there is no need to subscribe to RSA Events, or RSA Cultural.

  • The RSA Events email list rsa-events#mit;edu: Choose this list if you are not affiliated with MIT but want to participate in the usual events organized by RSA: dinners, parties, barbeques, etc. If you want to be informed only about cultural events (e.g., movie screenings), then please subscribe to RSA Cultural instead. Check our events page for examples of past activities. Those who are on this list also get messages sent to the RSA Cultural list, but not to the RSA MIT list. Most non-MIT students are expected to subscribe to this list.

  • The RSA Cultural email list rsa-cultural#mit;edu: (If you have subscribed to RSA Events, there is no need to subscribe for RSA Cultural, as this includes the RSA Events list.) Choose this list if you are interested only in the larger activities organized by RSA: movie screenings, international fairs, other cultural or political events. If you also want to hear about other RSA events such as: dinners, parties, barbeques, then subscribe to RSA Events, and not RSA Cultural.

There is also a separate RSA Forum email list rsa-forum#mit;edu, to which a member of any of the three main lists can optionally subscribe. This list is open to announcements and debates of any kind (even political ones), as long as the emails remain decent. In exceptional cases, the RSA webmasters may allow persons from outside the Boston area to subscribe to RSA Forum.

Note: Anybody (not only RSA officers or members) may send emails to any of the aforementioned email lists, as long as the emails match the purpose of the list they are sent to. E.g., it is fine to advertise a Romanian BBQ on "RSA Events", but it is inappropriate to send a request for help on that list; send it to "RSA Forum" instead.

Select this option if you want to subscribe to one of the lists described above.
Modify info
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The following instructions apply only to members (of one of the three main lists):

  • To move from one main list to another, use the "Subscribe" form (and not the "Modify" form).
  • If you want to modify info or unsubscribe but forgot which list you are on, send the form anyway and we will determine the correct list for you.
  • To join the Forum list (the default option when you subscribe), use the "Subscribe" form. You must be a member in order to join the Forum list.
  • To unsubscribe from the Forum list and still remain a member, use the "Unsubscribe" form, but make sure all the other lists are unchecked.