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(Note: Many of these links have not been updated since the mid-1990's, so they probably won't work :)

Local stuff:

* The MIT Anime Club. They're getting some cool links to other Anime sites!
* Fnord.
* See Nick's brain.
* nocturne's guide to making transparent color GIFs! Zsig randomizer info.
* I can't resist. Jeff Bigler's list of viola jokes. (Yes, I played the violin).
* Alums! Keep up with current events at MIT --- The Tech (MIT's student newspaper). Read Shakespeare while you're there.
* Useful publishing info for the WWW.
* Derek's home page has pointers to PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) info. Plus, MIT PGP and PGPfone.
* Go through this MIT AI Lab question parser (START) to get to Jay Keyser's new poem.
* Not MIT, but close enough. Boston skyline, updated every minute, at Openmarket. WGBH's Nova. Quality TV from Boston.
* Monty's OggSquish audio storage format.

The wide, webbed world:

* Docs on spirituality and the "psychic" realm: Ben's excellent Spirituality, a treasure trove of insights. Other spirituality and discernment resources: Discernment & The Spiritual Path. Discernment. The Contenders' (extreme) discernment. I don't agree with a lot of the previous, but some of it has to be said and isn't said anywhere else.
* For all outside anime/manga links, please go to my anime page.
* Project Delphis, fascinating dolphin research. Dr. John C. Lilly passed away Sept. 30, 2001.
* American Rescue Team International. National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR). Nat'l Disaster Search Dog Foundation. United Animal Nation and Emergency Animal Rescue Service -- rescuing animals during disasters. The dog who rescues cats.
* Mass. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Springfield's animal bios. Why do people forget that a pet is a huuuuge commitment? Foster Parrots (parrot rescue in MA). Breed rescue listing. Sheltie rescue (here are some collie rescue stories), some great sheltie stories, rescue links, sheltie info with some interesting trivia links, sheltie registry, and Sheltie Pacesetter mag. Working Dogs. Great doggie info. On Shiloh shepherds. GSD Rescue. A designer with a Greyhound. Animal Rescue League of Boston. Sleddog rescue. Medical faqs for dogs.
* Mini cows. Chickens, chicken links, poultry info, chicken "arks", chicken advice (under articles)!, and Poultry Planet, Ideal Poultry, Chicken Encyclopedia, and really small chickens. Poultry diseases. Herding dogs and ducks. Small sheep. Cabbage Hill Farm preserving endangered farm breeds and promoting aquaponics. A nifty little farm, and interesting sheep info. Life on a farm a couple generations back, and Larkfarm, which is very wired (farm run by computer geek family).... Unusually cool mice site. Cool recipe site - even has an automatic portion size adjustor.
* The more fantasy I read, the more I like Tolkien. HeatherWind's resources for artists. StyxNet, DDY official (?), DDY fan site, The Grand Illusion, Styxworld's discography,'s better discography and Chuck.
* I'm a Geek (vs 3!). You may be one, too. (Vers. 2, Vers. 1.) What (MBTI) Type are you? (I'm an INTJ (+F, +P))
*Playstation FAQs (when you're stuck in those games)
* Old "new" stuff: NCSA's suggested Starting Points for Internet Exploration. "What's Hot and Cool." What's New with NCSA Mosaic has ended (1993-1996).
* Search with EisGalaxy. And EINet Galaxy is cool, too. Can't forget Yahoo, either.
* More searches: The Infoseek Search Service. Because they insisted. Altavista. Other search places.
* Internet Resources Meta-Index at NCSA. Plus a WWW Catalog at a university in Geneva.
* Henry Houh's list: Commercial Sites on the Web has moved here. Internic Directory
* News online. GNN. CNN. Pathfinder (Time, Life, Money, etc). Boston Glob. USA Today.
* Paleontology at Berkeley and their subway to other museum-style servers.
* Japan info. Mainichi Shinbun in English. Kimono info. Japan Infoweb. Japanese American Citizens League. List of travel info. Excellent Japanese-English dictionary... which has been down (try this site instead.). Another great Japanese/English dictionary. Shodouka. Dictionary list. Japanese article on the CP Car on the Dome. Aerospace Dictionary; math resource and math resource listing. Basic physics review.
* Short, silly (alas slow) animations at Kyushu Institute of Design. Snazzy commercial ones: Click3X.
* The Planet Earth Home Page. Speaking of Earth, LL Bean's Parksearch is cool. CNN's Environment page.
* Intros to the Web. A WWW Guide, and the Beginner's guide to HTML. HTML Quick Reference. HTML Code Tutorial site.
* Mandelbrot! Nice graphics at U of Tennessee.
* Cool weather images. Intellicast weather.
* Spelunkers! Check out caving stuff at Yale.
* Neat astronomy pictures at the Space Telescope Science Institute.
* Defense Technical Information Web. The military isn't as fun as it used to be. But if you're bored and have the money, try flying jets (as in MiGs) in Moscow. Cool chain mail (as in, armor) page. Infinite Energy site. Unusual museums.
* "Welcome to Barbados", Escaping Hades, RAINN, Telling, self-defense tips.
* Perl Archive. Yay! Perl Man Page. Perl writer Randal Schwartz's situation. The Perl Journal. This is !Perl: Tcl.
* Fish! WetWebMedia has great FAQs!! FINS. How to take care of freshwater angelfish (cichlids) in case of accidental breeding. (Like happened to me....) Betta behavior. Unusually informative commercial fish site... nice! Shrimp at Robyn's and shrimp at the Krib (which I do remember being around from years back). Live food cultures and brine shrimp direct....
* Birds! International Aviculturists Society has highly useful documents describing rare diseases. Bird FAQ, a bird page and an aviary! Dr. Pepperberg and Alex, the parrot who might be able to read someday. Dutch Parrot Refuge. The extremely rare Kakapo parrot. (Non sequitur: how homing pigeons might find home).
* Books! and Brothers Grimm stories (here too) ... fairy tale essay... The Online Books Page or Home page for rgs. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Booker T. Washington's autobio. Sinclair's nation-changing The Jungle. Read some classics while waiting for your compile to crash. Some Interactive Fiction links. Play Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy here. Play those old Scott Adams games. Just Adventure. Or, be silly and find a MUD or two or three (wow). gprog. gmuds. Windows version of emacs. Crafts magazine ... Shogakukan and ugoku ehon.
* Alife and reallife: Play with Corelife (Tierra variant) and more Tierra, Alife page, Life and more life links, Avida, neural nets and artificial life (FAQ with neat info and all sorts of anonymous ftp addresses). Real critters, Fungi Perfecti, Mycosource Inc., Mushroompeople, Web MD (go under "consumer"), MedHelp's library (for when critters get the better of you). National Library of Medicine. More medical database stuff.. Self-help resource. Medicine reference (look for the monographs directory). Don't taste odd canned foods (Food Safety site). Food Preservation FAQ - extensive! Rec.Food.Preserving FAQ part 2, Food Substitutes. Alternative medicine info (also here at same site). This page has links to various States' doctor info databases. Rabies info at the CDC and their q and a. 100 top hospitals, Hospital Ratings, US News' top hospitals. EMDR. Science News is a great magazine. Genetic Music, music based on, say, protein. DNA extraction with household goods
* The Typing Injury Archive. For an alternate to icky keyboards/mice, try Datahands! MouseTool eliminates mouse-clicking! Pedal extenders for short people in cars. TTSSH.
* Wells Fargo Bank includes the (true) Adventures of Wells Fargo: tales from the Old West. Speaking of money... check out FinanCenter for their useful web services. The old British monetary system explained.
* Netrights: Keep up to date with your changing rights on the Internet with the EFF's Alerts. What's up with the "Communications Decency Act"? (Leahy's cool!). Speaking of rights: 10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained. Copyright resources. Factnet. Copyright basics.
* You can make a difference. Non-Profit Organizations, Nonprofit Resources Catalogue, and the Internet NonProfit Center. I like this list! Money's charity search. Worth's list of 100 best US charities. BBB Wise Giving Alliance. Find a local non-profit. Save the Children and World Vision. Covenant House. Boston area Saturday/Sunday's Bread. You can start at home, with your family. A resource for those depressed or manic/depressives: "In the Arms of Madness". Accomplishments and Achievements.
* Plants Database and plants by mail FAQ catalog list and Cyndi's list too. The Trellis - gardening links. Gardenweb. Farmer's Almanac. Mass. Agriculture. Organic.... Organic rose care. Speaking of roses, Nor'east is now a California company owned store (wah!); mini mania.
* More plants: Forum about building a contained terrarium world, Black Jungle terrarium store (they sell frogs too) and their links and sample, California Carnivores carnivorous plants,, on lichens, carnivorous plant help, (New England Carnivorous Plant Society), builds indoor green spaces, and Eco-Sphere glass-enclosed life and the giant Biosphere 2 (research center).
* Greenpeace has been in the news lately. Read about the first Rainbow Warrior ship and its sinking in '85. Nature poetry and music at the BBC.
* The US Postal Service and Federal Express. Find out postal rates and track packages. Or, find out how to get there yourself (doesn't do 1-ways, tho). Northwest Airlines. for books, and CDnow for music. Rate the web businesses here.
* Alpha, shareware text-editing for the Mac. Unrelated: Squaresoft hints, for when you're stuck in their games. Completely irrelevant: The fall of the animated show The Real Ghostbusters (the '86 season was awesome).
* Online stuff. Bandwidth Conservation Society: how to make images faster. On animated GIFs... GIF optimization. Any browser campaign and their site viewer features! Web-safe colors.
* Practical matters. Consumer, reviewing the reviewers. Boston Better Business Bureau might just save someone a lot of time and money. Elbows' Tradespeople includes Rusty. MA home improvement stuff. MA soil testing ... Boston area dirt tends to be dangerously loaded with lead! Mass web site, with links to licensing info and other services. Hazardous Waste & Toxic Use Reduction for a Boston suburb, and Mercury Solutions ... fluorescent light bulbs and HID bulbs can be hazardous, so recycle them properly. How things work questions and answers.
* Stories of courage. No Fear. Plus, the Brown project that asked women about their WWII experiences. Sympathy, and some more stories.
* The famous Dread Gazebo story

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