Reward: The Linguist levels up!
The Linguist can become very animated when talking about letters.

!?????: Hello, friend! Do you enjoy death-defying feats and triumphs of the insect and arachnid spirit?

S: Yeah, sure.

!?????: Then make your way into this tent, where my talented troupe will perform life-threatening leaps and lunges, all in less than fifteen seconds!

S: Oh, whoa, whoa, wait a second, wait a second. How much more time you got out here?

!?????: Well, since we’ve been talking, now about five seconds to go.

S: I’m sorry, buddy, I can’t do it. She’d have me standing right out here next to you.

!?????: That’s a fair point. Once the blindfolds go on, you never know if the spectators will end up being part of the show.

?!??: Welcome to the Himalayas! Hey, is your little green Cyclops friend still pining after ol’ snake-hair?

F: Indeed, he is. There’s nothing like wedded bliss.

?!??: I bet. It’s tough to find love yourself when everybody calls you abominable.

N: Please, it’s an old wives’ tale.

?!??: Thank you! I’m just glad they gave me a shorter credit in the prequel.

R: Who put a quarter in this bar that I just finished varnishing?

!?????????: Behold my latest feat of subterranean sinisterness! Do you dare to lift the coin?

R: Well, I can’t. It’s stuck in the varnish.

!?????????: That’s right! It will lie beneath the surface forever! And there’s nothing you or that family of superheroes can do to stop it!

??!????: Zis job as a waiter is so, how do you say, exhausting. I long to be somewhere more peaceful and isolated.

N: What the heck’s the Eco pod?

??!????: I hope it is a place where I will be safe from ze stress of ze kitchen and ze terrifying restaurant critics.

C: They’re gonna have a zoo in there, too?

??!????: If so, count me out. I have dealt with enough rodents for a lifetime.

?!??: You can’t be up here chasing after a seedling! You’re supposed to be on Earth cleaning up all of the garbage!

S: ?!??, I don’t think he wants to.

F: No, S, you know, I want to hear this. Maybe it’s time somebody did splash the cold water of reality in my face. On the other hand, at least I’m not a career-stagnant, middle-aged mama’s boy with little or no sexual experience.

?!??: You forgot fat. I am very very fat from living on this spaceship.

!??: Boss, I asked the old man again if he’d sell you the house, and he’s still not interested.

S: Why not?

!??: I think it reminds him of his wife. But trust me, construction guys like me can tell when a man doesn’t want to leave.

S: Remind me again how studs know.

!??: Well, just for example, sometimes he fires a leaf blower into your face.

!?????: We’ve got to slay that bear before the Queen finds out it was in the castle!

N: She’ll never know.

!?????: I’m not so sure about that. It’s quite the sizeable beast.

N: She’s a big girl.

!?????: I wish the princess were here. She’d fire an arrow right between its eyes.

N: Okay, just don’t slam the door when you get out. And remember to crack a window.

!?????: I dinna wanna talk about slammin’ doors.

?!???: All right! This brand new console should allow you to cooperate in managing Riley’s emotions.

T: I like that. You’re smart.

?!???: I think that’s to be expected from someone who works in the mind.

T: No, that’s your new nickname. Get it? I made a joke.

?!???: You might want to leave the comedy to Joy.

!???: ...

N: !???, I’m not gonna play this stupid game anymore. Hitler does not live in your apartment building.

!???: ...

N: Instead of Gilligan’s Island? Well, he is a mad man.

!???: Sorry I’m so quiet today... my boss does mosta the talkin’. I just tag along and help poach longhorns from the tyrannosaurs. Hey you! Stay up on that rock!

N: This is the guy you thought was Hitler?

!???: No, worse. It’s a trespasser!