Room: 1.655 Exits: SW  NW  U  D       (Shortcuts)


Machine Room

It's hard to tell what this machine does, with its flashing lights and various dials and buttons, and mirrors that don't seem to reflect properly. Clearly it represents a notable advance in some technology or another, but you can't begin to guess what. The list tacked to the wall is no help, either; instead of instructions, it seems to be a journal of some sort. And not a very complete one at that.

August 1955: I drove down to the store and back again.
October 1956: I did my homework and saved the world.
April 1976: I fell off a building.
November 1957: I performed an autopsy.
August 1956: I gave a rabies shot to a poodle.
October 1957: I shot the President.

February 1964: I practiced my Chopin.
September 1958: I tuned my Harley.
May 1985: I rehearsed the amnesia scene.
August 1963: I heard confession.
October 1957: I helped save the galaxy.
October 1979: I danced naked.

June 1958: I modeled my swimsuit.
February 1974: I said a bracha.
November 1965: I put out a couple of contracts.
April 1969: I infiltrated a gang.
May 1974: I pulled a rabbit from a hat.
September 1953: I summoned storm clouds.
August 1953: I celebrated my birthday by just kicking back and being myself.