Room: 2.195 Exits: E  SE  S  U       (Shortcuts)



As you enter the room, the dim glow of lava lamps illuminates a love nest of silk sheets and faux fur cushions. A wall plaque holds a cryptogram, which you easily translate as "Geek Loooove Lounge". On the floor, someone has arranged the following clippings from the personals section of a newspaper.

Communicative WM seeks easy going romance. Infinitives are optional.
Sensational WM seeks woman with conviction. Thinking the city? Come to my house, I have a special room which will put you in a complicit mood.
Programming Languages is my proclivity / I like to increase programmer productivity / Am a member of an alternative fraternity / Where 'Crusher' was my moniker in undergrad naivete.
Fine-featured WM sending out probe; goal: relationship. Politics is no barrier. Let's make a move to merge our lives! Get to know me on a first-name basis.
Derive as much pleasure from life as possible! WM seeks F to fall for him and become an integral part of his limited existence.
WM seeks partner to perceive objects in motion. Love is an illusion, so let's keep it light, slow and smooth.
WM with good financial sense seeks F for love games. I am waiting to persuade you.
Frequently misunderstood WM seeks love and a good squash partner. Overcome inertia: meet me for lunch this week on Wednesday at 12:30. I'll tell you my nickname.
Shock the fruit flies! I like radishes and rutabagas. WM seeks female for learning experience. Just don't call me a dunce.
Batman seeks his Catwoman. I see you in my dreams, visions and nightmares. (21+ only).
WM seeks companion for exploration of the parks and buildings of Boston. I have a graduate degree from a west coast university, but I share a name with their rival.
Stargazing WM with extensive TV experience seeks partner to get physical! I like to do it 24 hours a day. I should be a member of LFHCfS.
Cunning, congenial WM seeks F to give in to those instinctual desires. I want to find out how your mind works, and write on the blank slate of our relationship. Call me by my first name. Charter member LFHCfS.
WF, good with children, seeks fluid relationship. I like pure groundwater and wintertime trips to Hawaii.
British WF seeks organic companion who is not intimidated by a woman following in the footsteps of MIT's first.
Image obsessed, surgically precise WM seeks natural intelligence. I am surrounded by artificiality. Let me guide you to the commencement of a beautiful relationship.
Pyromaniac WM seeks F to light his fire. My down-home Kentucky upbringing will clear the air for you.
Psychologist and researcher seeks SO to explore life on and off the screen and be my second self. Interests include systems, self (and now technology). Surprisingly(?) altruistic!