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Oh, the places you'll go.. My Netscape bookmarks contain ages of old detritus. On occasion I will fill this area up with a higher quality list of links.

Personal Links

Pretentious Intellectual Links

  • The Arts and Letters Daily is a web log (sans comments) for highbrow reading.
  • Viridia Bruce Sterling's Viridian movement seeks to create art based on an esthetic motivated by global warming. I'm not enough of an artiste to add much to it, but as you can see it is partly responsible for the general design of my pages, the color scheme in particular.
  • The line between intellectual and anti-intellectual is thin, thanks to the Chattering Class's love of postmodernist silliness. The Vocabula Review, with its much needed advocacy of prescriptivist pedantry, is at the far end of the inevitable backlash. It's just as pretentious, but not as irritating. Yes, I can talk like that in real life, but I usually don't.
  • To answer our society's pretenses, there are several sites with pretenses of their own. and McSweeney's deserve links on those grounds, as does The Onion.

Miscelaneous Topical Links

  • K5 Like most bleating edge digerati, I get my news from web logs. Kuro5hin has my rants and is largely my favorite. Slashdot has gotten a tad too top heavy. Newsforge is a good place to look as well. For more skeptical and more independent reporting, Need to Know and The Register are a must, as is Phil Agre's Red Rock Eater Digest.
  • For static reference information, the Open Directory Project is your friend. An experiment in book writing is taking place at Andamooka. A new encyclopedia project, minus intellectual property licensing headaches of any sort, is springing up at Nupedia. I hope to do stuff for them in my spare time for the sake of being among the new Encyclopedists. While Nupedia produces new content, Project Gutenberg is helping to make old books available as their copyrights expire. The Online Book Initiative is also participating. For a good reference listing of dead trees, there's Canonical Tomes.

Network Detritus

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Omri Schwarz, May 21, 2001